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Joy Walker Author Interview

Poetry To Ponder is a heartwarming collection of poems that provides a unique perspective on the Christmas season, encouraging readers to examine themselves and their relationship with God. What inspired you to write and publish this collection?

“I have been writing poetry for several decades, reflecting on my journey through many trials and happy moments. I had so many poems related to Christmas that I wanted to share them. As I considered the dire condition of our society, I felt that the joy and promise of Christmas and the ultimate hope of redemption needed to be shared with the world. What good would these poems do just left in my desk drawers? It was my way of spreading the good news of hope through faith in Jesus.”

What is one thing you hope readers will take away from your book?

“Despite the moral corruption in our world, God is still Sovereign and His offer of mercy and deliverance for failing humanity still stands; there is a light in the darkness.”

What advice would you give to aspiring poets who want to use their writing to inspire others and share their faith?

“Keep writing. Look for opportunities to share even with one person and trust God to direct your path. There was a time that I was timid about showing my poetry to others. When I found the courage and began to share, I was blown over by the response and that encouraged me to keep writing. This is now my third published book.”

Do you have plans to write and publish more works of poetry?

“I already have two other books which I will soon send to you for reviews. I will keep writing as the Spirit leads. Producing a book is no easy task for me because of my visual impairment and the challenge of using adaptive technology.”

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This retelling of the Christmas story, through poetry and biblical references, inspires thoughtful meditation and joyful singing. Several poems can be sung to the tune of well-known Christmas carols and other songs. Reflections on the reason for Jesus’ birth remind us that we can still have hope for our broken world.The opening theme is the birth of Jesus, a miraculous display of God’s love for us celebrated at Christmas. However, Christmas is only the beginning. What follows His birth is even more astounding and life-transforming.The first part of the book resounds with joy and celebration at this phenomenal love-gift sent to us by a holy and loving God seeking to reconnect with his lost sheep. The celebration is not just because of His birth, but because He was born to die for mankind’s redemption from sin’s bondage. What is more praiseworthy is His resurrection, the foundation of the Christian faith. Because Jesus is alive, His power and light will always outshine the darkness. This is clearly a reason for singing.With the life of Jesus as our example, the remaining poems cover various aspects of Christian living: forgiveness, righteousness, justice, compassion for our neighbor and resisting temptation. Some poems cover controversial issues like the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage. They remind us that we are in a spiritual battle and must daily make choices between good and evil. We are exhorted to love God and obey His precepts in order to flourish. Loving and caring for each other are some of the daily choices we must make. Without that, our human society sinks into chaos.While the explosion of evil around us is frightening, we also struggle with our own personal weaknesses and failures and need reminders that Jesus will meet us in those struggles. Several of the poems are prayers from a burdened heart wrestling with the enticement of sin and the need to receive or grant forgiveness. Some are the expressions of grief and pain in moments of despair so common to mankind. Other poems are songs of praise and thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness in delivering from trials of various kinds.The book ends with poems of victory in anticipation of Jesus’ triumphant return to fulfill His promise to abolish sin and suffering. It is a time of rejoicing for those who love Him, but a time of fear and trembling for those who do not. The goal of this book is to point people to the God who sees all and who does not desire anyone to perish. His mercy is extended to all who would receive it.The biblical references that follow the poems will challenge the reader to a deeper dive into the very words of God to glean strength, wisdom and courage for daily living. These poems are meant to serve as a springboard to that end, and there is something here for everyone and for every season.

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