Goat Song

In Dean Gessie’s captivating poetry collection, Goat Song, readers are treated to twenty-three thought-provoking poems spread across just over eighty pages. Each poem varies in length, with only a handful confined to a single page. The anthology explores a diverse array of themes, ranging from intimate personal experiences to pressing international political issues such as race, aging, mental health, environmental concerns, and the evaluation of poetry prizes.

Gessie’s work demonstrates an impressive breadth of reference, seamlessly juxtaposing elements from Ancient Greece with contemporary topics like the recent pandemic and the vernacular of social media. The acknowledgments section highlights an impressive array of accolades garnered by the poems in this collection.

Readers are advised to have a dictionary and search engine at the ready, as Gessie’s extensive linguistic repertoire introduces terms like “ectothermic” and “Apocrypha” alongside onomatopoeic expressions and colloquialisms. The experience of feeling lost in the text is not uncommon, and one might even feel a touch of illiteracy when confronted with the author’s superlative language. However, the glowing endorsements on the back cover serve as a reminder that the challenge is part of the journey, and readers are encouraged to embrace their role as intrepid explorers in the realm of this literary titan.

Gessie’s work may be described as postmodern, but it also possesses a unique quality that defies easy categorization. The collection contains poems that resonate deeply with readers, such as “A Mother Mulls Her Son’s Self-Injuries,” which presents a litany of personal traumas in search of a catalyst. The opening poem, “[sic]stemic,” implores readers to distinguish between the poet and the persona, as the line “I take my black skin out for a walk” comes from a Caucasian writer. The collection also offers moments of tongue-in-cheek irony, eliciting wry smiles as song lyrics intermingle with introspective prose lines that ponder the actions of the living after one’s demise.

Dean Gessie’s Goat Song is a rich and rewarding collection of poetry that invites readers to traverse a vast landscape of themes and linguistic styles. Embark on this journey with an open mind and a willingness to embrace the unknown, and you will surely be captivated by the powerful voice and keen insights that await within its pages.

Pages: 83 | ASIN: B0BV4CK6HN

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