Out of Wedlock

Out of Wedlock by Larry Lockridge masterfully weaves the intricate tale of Jess Freeman and his interactions with a diverse cast of characters over the span of two decades. This compelling narrative delves into the complex relationships among six individuals as they grapple with their pasts and strive for acceptance or liberation from their habits. Jess, a plastic surgeon, finds himself on an unintended voyage of self-discovery, attempting to reconcile the fragments of his childhood and comprehend the origins of his dissociative visions.

Lockridge expertly guides readers through a labyrinthine journey punctuated by moments of raw humor and unforeseen twists, all while inciting contemplation on life and the intricacies of human behavior. The plot is consistently captivating, as Out of Wedlock artfully balances the peculiar, the passionate, the enigmatic, and the emotional, all while maintaining an accessible and engaging tone. Readers will undoubtedly be enthralled by the novel’s unpredictable turns and thought-provoking scenarios.

Out of Wedlock not only raises profound questions about human identity and the interplay between nature and nurture, but it also serves as a cultural excursion. Set against the backdrops of Santa Fe and Greenwich Village, the novel is peppered with fascinating tidbits about the region’s culture, history, and notable figures. Although some references may prompt readers to pause for research, this educational aspect ultimately enriches the reading experience.

A particularly endearing feature of the novel is the inclusion of an illustration at the conclusion of each chapter. These artistic embellishments lend a nostalgic air to the narrative and enhance the overall storytelling. Out of Wedlock culminates in a satisfying denouement, resolving the individual arcs of each character and emphasizing the significance of authenticity amidst a world of reinvention.

Out of Wedlock comes highly recommended for readers who seek a narrative that is at once witty, startling, and provocative. Embrace the unexpected and prepare to be thoroughly entertained by this exceptional literary work.

Pages: 215 | ASIN: B0B6NTSHSW

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