Dogs Have Beautiful Souls

Andrea Hahnfeld Author Interview

The Marvelous Misfits of Westminster follows a dog show judge who needs to connect two dogs with mystical abilities that can save lives. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

I wondered what would happen if one would not breed dogs for looks but for their souls. Every dog owner knows: Dogs have beautiful souls and unique souls. Out of that idea grew The Marvelous Misfits… and what better place for them to first appear than in the World’s most famous dog show?

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Most important to me is the theme of the shadow. I’m fascinated so many of us are haunted by shadows – invisible to anyone but us, but real and dangerous nonetheless. Edith is inspired by my grandmother who took her life and whom I imagine being haunted by shadows. To me, the story has a very painful, personal layer. 

What were some goals you set for yourself as a writer in this short story?

Actually, The Marvelous Misfits of Westminster is my debut, and I’m quite proud of it for various reasons. One reason is, that it was the first time I resolved to alter and tweak the story until it worked. It took me a lot of feedback from fellow writers and readers and even more revisions to get it to the final version. Now it is that mystical story that contains a deeper truth – and reflects exactly what I wanted to write. It’s just so satisfying getting a story to the page close to what you imagined it to be in your head.

What is the next story that you’re writing, and when will it be published?

Currently, I’m working on another Misfits story. This time, Harvey and Irving are saving a guitar player who has lost his hand and his will to live. The story is in its early stages, but I strive for publication in 2024. Nevertheless, a new book is being published this year: The Gift of Love. It’s a charming picture book for grown-ups about a couple of weird monsters who get a strange present at their wedding, and by caring for their present, learn what love really means. It features wonderful illustrations by the talented Ukrainian artist Anastasia Khmelevska and makes the perfect wedding gift.

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What if dogs were not only man’s best friend – but also his last hope? Clement is a disgraced dog show judge whose wife, Edith, left him under mysterious circumstances. When he is asked to step in as a last-minute substitute to judge at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, he learns two things: Edith is about to be killed by a shadow and it’s up to him to prevent it.
According to the Hunts, the only way to save Edith is making sure Irving, a hideous mongrel dog with special abilities, wins Best in Show.

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