Wish Star World

A mystical world where all is not as it seems. The downfall of a spectacular civilization with powers that span time and space. Children, twins, borne of magic. An exciting prophecy and the potential to save the universe. All of this is packed within the pages of Wish Star World by L.A. Burnett. A fantastical adventure spanning space and time, readers will find themselves swept away by the constant action and intriguing storyline. Our twins, Phoebe and Clarence, are more than even their parents realize, with potential spanning generations. Buckle up, readers, you are in for a ride.

Combining magic, time travel, space travel, and adventure, the twins find themselves swept up in a seemingly endless adventure. The pacing for the story itself is relatively good and easy to follow. Burnett doesn’t just explain or over-explain the universe that was created and the rules within it. They show it to the readers. Little bits are explained organically throughout the story, which makes it easier to understand and enjoy. More traditional high fantasy or science fiction books often spend too much time explaining their reasonings and the rules of the world. As such, this book gives the feel of a Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman-type story in that the author trusts the readers will understand. And we do.

The character development in this book is truly impressive, and it’s evident that the author invested a lot of effort into crafting them. However, while the ending may have felt a bit rushed, it’s possible that this is just the beginning of an exciting new series. With the fast-paced events that occur at the end of the book, readers are left eager to learn more about what comes next. It’s hard to say for sure if subsequent volumes will clear up the story’s loose ends, but the potential for a continued series is definitely there. It’s possible that the author is exploring new ideas with this book and will expand on them if readers respond positively. Overall, I’m excited to see where this series goes and look forward to future installments!

A delightful mash-up of fantasy, space, time travel, and adventure will await readers in the pages of Wish Star World by L.A. Burnett. This fantastical book follows the journey of twins Phoebe and Clarence as they learn more about their heritage than they bargained for. It packs a lot of punch, and the characters are well-developed.

Pages: 240 | ASIN: B0828GCV8Y

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