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Paul Anthony Author Interview

His Mother’s Son: Memoirs of an Accidental Man shares your story about breaking away from a dysfunctional family and building the life you wanted outside of their expectations. Why was this an important book for you to write?

This central theme actually derives from the primary theme of the book, which is the conflicted relationship I had with my mother. The final resolution of this relationship took sixty years, but in the meantime I did escape from my accidental past and find an authentic life. This constructive effort was motivated not just by my fractured maternal bond, but by the subsequent experience of isolation from family, friends, school, church, and society. Parental expectations evolved and were expressed over time, which only fueled a rebellious response that was already part of my initial impulse.

Work on the manuscript that began as an exercise in self-discovery and eventually became a first draft started not long after the death of my mother. Despite decades spent salvaging a new life from the ruins of my childhood, no profound emotional/psychological resolution of this estranged relationship had been achieved. I determined to focus my energy on this potential solution to the primary problem of my life. Indeed, the very process of writing was the means to comprehend and forgive both my mother and myself, to quit the past and move on. 

Upon completing the text I realized profound and positive results. During the two years it had taken, I came to see the themes I had experienced as personal were in fact universal. I also saw my lifelong quest for understanding as a selfish pursuit for which I wanted to compensate. That’s why I decided to publish it. 

I appreciated the candid nature with which you told your story. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

The pathological relationship between my mother and myself was certainly the most difficult topic to write about. There can be no avoiding even the most painful experiences, and without the truth the work is not only pointless but counterproductive. I would hasten to add, however, that this exposition constituted the most critical and valuable aspect of the entire exercise, and was the crux in yielding a real resolution to this conflict. It taught me that truth is the path to forgiveness.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

Good advice is plentiful, especially in works of literature, philosophy, and autobiographies. I have benefitted from such counsel as often as I have pursued it. But it is also available in everyday life to the extent we are willing to listen and heed it. My father once told me that I would find someone on a soapbox on every street corner telling me their view of the world and what I should do. He added that if I didn’t figure it out for myself, I would only have their options to choose from. Time has confirmed the worth of this observation.

What is one thing readers take away from your story?

Perhaps the most common comment about the story is that it shows how we can change a life determined by chance circumstances into a life shaped by our conscious responses.

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“I was enthralled. The descriptions are among the most beautiful I have ever read….forced me to read into the wee smalls…”
“His writing is extraordinary, and I felt time suspend as I read the radiant passages.
“His Mother’s Son is a book that is full of substance and heart.”

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“This honest and raw storytelling style is powerful and thought-provoking… a must-read for anyone who has struggled to find their place in the world. The book is a testament to the human spirit…
“This is a must-read for anyone looking for a moving, thought-provoking, and ultimately uplifting memoir.
” The cover is attractive and the ending is interesting. Fan of Common Loss by Kirsten Tranter? You may like this story as well.”

How do you turn an accidental life into an authentic one? How do you find the place where you fit in?
Paul Anthony’s moving memoir is a powerful story of personal growth, self-discovery, and overcoming adversity. Raised in a dysfunctional family with an abusive mother, he struggled to find his place in the world and connect with others, leading to complex relationship conflicts and emotional challenges. But determined to heal and transform his accidental life into an authentic one, Paul embarks on a journey of self-discovery that takes him from steamy jungles to frozen mountains, and even to the depths of his darkest dreams.
As he confronts the emotional trauma of his past and navigates the complexities of relationships and family dynamics, Paul strives to find his true identity and overcome the impact of childhood trauma on his mental health. Filled with candid insights into his struggles with emotional abuse, the author offers readers a guide to emotional healing, resilience, and coping mechanisms.
This inspirational memoir is a compelling read that will resonate with anyone who has experienced family conflict, relationship struggles, or childhood trauma. If you’ve enjoyed the writing styles of Dean Koontz, Kirsten Tranter, and Claire North, you won’t want to miss Paul’s memoirs.
Offering practical self-help advice and lessons in self-awareness and self-improvement, the book is a powerful testament to the human spirit’s capacity for resilience and transformation.
So if you’re looking for an inspirational memoir that will help you overcome emotional challenges and find your true identity, click “Buy Now With 1-Click” and join Paul on his quest for meaning, healing, and personal growth.”

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