Severed Roots

Severed Roots by Nego Huzcotoq takes readers on a thrilling dystopian journey into a world where women hold all the power and men are relegated to a subordinate position. Nick, a mankey who questions everything, is on a mission to help his best friend Beatrice, who is struggling with the fact that she cannot experience motherhood. Along the way, he befriends Morrie, whose hidden secrets challenge Nick’s understanding of the world he grew up in.

The intricate plot had me hooked from beginning to end, and while it was emotionally challenging to imagine such a world, it also prompted me to ponder the possibilities of a world where women are in control. Nick is a fascinating character, a magician who brings joy to children and who evolves from a hesitant and timid person into a determined and strong-willed individual. Beatrice is a compelling supporting character whose mental health decline is palpable and poignant, and Morrie provides invaluable support and guidance throughout the story. Severed Roots is an exceptional novel with a plot that is meticulously crafted. The book concludes on an exciting cliffhanger that leaves readers eagerly anticipating another follow-up novel.

Huzcotoq has created a gripping dystopian novel that elicits a range of emotions, from laughter to tears and everything in between. I also enjoyed how it does not follow standard dystopian tropes found in other novels in the genre. This book is a must-read for fans looking for a unique dystopia, especially readers who enjoy works that challenge societal norms and conventions.

Pages: 225 | ASIN: B0BQ8HK8KV

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