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Lori Schneider Author Interview

The Inspiring World of Ella Rose La Fleur follows a six-year-old girl who loves horses and travels as she prepares to visit her grandma in Paris. What was the inspiration for your story?

I wrote The Inspiring World of Ella Rose La Fleur during the pandemic, which was such a dark time in history, especially for children.  Children could no longer attend school and interact with their friends, and their world became very isolated.  I created precocious 6-year-old Ella Rose La Fleur as a beacon of light for young people and their parents.  Viewing the world through Ella Rose’s eyes allows us to rediscover the magic and wonder in everyday life. 

The Inspiring World of Ella Rose La Fleur inspired a series of animated videos on my YouTube channel, The Adventures of Ella Rose La Fleur.  These videos help raise awareness and money for The Pinky Swear Foundation, a wonderful charity that helps children battling cancer.  My favorite video is Ella Rose La Fleur, You Are Enough!  This video sheds light on childhood depression and the importance of love, acceptance, and inclusivity for all children.  

Is there anything about Ella Rose that came from yourself or your life experiences? 

My husband and I have two grown children, a 26-year-old daughter, and a 21-year-old son.  Some of Ella Rose’s interests were inspired by events in our own lives, such as rescuing an adorable calico cat named Jesse and traveling, especially to the beach and France.  My husband’s family is French Catholic, and I am of Eastern European Jewish descent.  We have always blended our family holidays and traditions, which has resulted in a rich cultural experience for our children.  

What were some educational aspects that were important for you to include in this children’s book?

My goal in writing the book was to encourage children to talk about their feelings and to learn the importance of forming healthy relationships with their family, friends, teachers, and pets.  One of my favorite poems in the book is You Can’t Be Sad On Your Bike!, which explores grief and the importance of comforting and supporting your friends during difficult times.  Please Remember You Are Enough! explores feelings of sorrow and inadequacy and explains to children that we all have these days, and sometimes we just need a hug to realize everything will be okay.  

Can you tell us what the second book will be about and when it will be available for fans to purchase?

The second book in The Adventures of Ella Rose La Fleur series will be Landon La Fleur, I Love You So!  This book will tell the story of Ella Rose’s little brother, Landon, and will show the world through the eyes of a young boy.  Landon La Fleur, I Love You So!  will be available in approximately one year.

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Explore the magic in everyday life and embrace sweet fun in this collection of inspirational poems about a little girl and her diverse group of family and friends.
Six-year-old Ella Rose La Fleur is a precocious girl who loves horses and traveling. In this unique children’s book, Ella Rose prepares for her first plane ride to visit her grandma in Paris. Along the way, she learns lessons on adventures and friendships that shape her world and teach her the importance of caring for others and living life to the fullest—even if she gets into a bit of trouble.
After she arrives at her grandma’s, she has so much fun exploring historic sites and trying new foods. The book culminates with a surprise that will forever change Ella Rose and her family’s lives. Life is always exciting for Ella Rose, who has a heart of gold and a head filled with dreams.
Have fun with these charming adventures of a little girl in verse.

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