Stranger On The Shore

William J. Borak’s Stranger on the Shore is an engrossing novel that boasts a plethora of twists and turns, leaving readers yearning for more. The main protagonist, Chris, is a character with complex relationship issues and a troubled past. Still reeling from the loss of his fiancé, Theresa, Chris encounters the captivating Arielle on the beach, and the two make plans to rendezvous at a party hosted by Garvey on the Jersey shore. Unfortunately, Arielle fails to show up, and Chris is equally let down by the women he meets at the party. Despite this setback, Chris has a stroke of luck when he meets Marisa Flores, a charming waitress at the party who captures his attention. Although he reconnects with Arielle in the coming days, Chris finds himself irresistibly drawn to Marissa due to her striking resemblance to Theresa. However, Marissa has a secret: she is actually Ana Moreno from Colombia, who was hiding from the Baka cartel that killed her family and left her unconscious on the beach. With a plan for revenge against the cartel, Ana reveals herself to be a strong and resilient survivor, possessing an amazing personality that captivates Chris and readers alike.

The book’s suspenseful flashbacks featuring Chris keep readers engaged in a back-and-forth of unfolding events, making this riveting thriller an absolute page-turner. The well-written prose artfully blends mystery, thriller, and fiction, making it a must-read for fans of those genres. Chris’s emotional journey, from losing his beloved wife to meeting two women who are eerily similar, is compellingly portrayed through the author’s skilled narration. When Marissa reveals her true identity to Chris, it’s a shocking twist that readers won’t see coming but will find entirely plausible. The author seamlessly parallels two storylines with Chris and Ana and in Columbia, where a man named Baka is on the hunt for Ana, adding to the book’s intrigue.

Stranger on the Shore is an excellent thriller that offers more than just romance. Its intriguing characters and numerous twists and turns will leave you enthralled and eager for more. If you’re a fan of mystery, thriller, and romance, this novel is a must-read, offering a compelling and well-crafted storyline that captivates readers from start to finish.

Pages: 164 | ASIN: B0C1T3ZHVS

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