Eltanin: Worldmaker of Yand Series

Immersed in the embrace of familial warmth and love, Worldmaker Yanara is suddenly confronted with the harsh reality of life when a mysterious woman named Silvia arrives. Covered in bruises and cuts that make her look as if she has survived a war, Silvia shares DNA with Yanara and possesses greater power than any mage Yanara has ever encountered. What is Silvia’s connection to Yanara, and what is her story? Andri E. Elia’s Eltanin: Worldmaker of Yand Series is a captivating and action-packed narrative that recounts a battle for peace across time, incorporating extraordinary and mind-bending supernatural elements.

Andri Elia’s writing is a testament to her ability to challenge the reader’s assumptions about aging and relationships, making it an excellent choice for a progressive and open-minded audience. Yanara’s unique circumstance of having both a wife and a husband is just one example. Moreover, age appears to be flexible and irrelevant, as Silvia’s age is revealed at one point to be “six, sixteen, or six thousand. The book is impactful in how it challenges our views on aging and relationships, among other innovative and thought-provoking themes that will stay with us for years to come. 

Eltanin is a labyrinth of enigmas and questions that implore the reader to delve deeper into its intricately crafted world and use their analytical abilities to solve its puzzles. As a fan of time travel, I was moved by the book’s poignant questions about dying in the future and whether it could be reversed. The plot moves swiftly, adding richness and complexity to the story. The diverse and captivating cast of characters that the reader meets throughout the book gives us a better understanding of the story’s intricate web of relationships and conflicts. The intricacy of the story is an ideal challenge for our minds, and our imaginations will be entirely engrossed.

Eltanin: Worldmaker of Yand by Andri E. Elia is an outstanding piece of literature that boasts exceptional storytelling, awe-inspiring supernatural elements, and thought-provoking themes. Fans of the genre will find it to be a must-read.

Pages: 419 | ASIN: B0BKTR6DSJ

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