Run! Katie! 

Doris Pariso’s new thriller novel, Run! Katie! is a gripping paranormal mystery that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Peter is a psychic who is discovering he has some new abilities, the ability to hear voices from the dead. When he starts hearing voices and messages from a woman named Sharon, he realizes he needs to find her family and save a young woman in apparent danger.

Katie has been having nightmares and feeling like something is after her. Then, an unexpected guest arrives at her birthday luncheon with family, shocking them all. Peter brings a message from her mother, who disappeared without a trace twelve years earlier. The message brings the family closure, but Peter continues to receive messages from Sharon. She is trying to warn her daughter that she is in danger of facing the same fate she did. With Peter’s help, Katie and her family must piece together the clues to find out who, what, when, and where the danger is coming from.

Pariso’s skillful storytelling creates an air of mystery and suspense from the beginning of this captivating book. The plot is complex, and the author does a great job of keeping the reader engaged and guessing what the danger is until the reveal. Pariso provides readers with a series of unexpected events and plot twists that will immerse them in the characters’ lives and the story until they reach the last page.

What truly stands out in Run! Katie! is the depth of a mother’s love. Sharon’s love for her daughter transcends time and space as she communicates with Peter from beyond the grave to keep Katie safe. It is a testament to the lengths a mother will go to protect her child and adds a heart-wrenching element to the story.

Run! Katie! is a phenomenal psychic mystery novel that will appeal to readers who love paranormal suspense and thrillers. It is a fascinating read that will leave readers wanting more and waiting to see what Doris Pariso writes next.

Pages: 172 | ISBN : 1646639979

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