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Run! Katie! 

Doris Pariso’s new thriller novel, Run! Katie! is a gripping paranormal mystery that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Peter is a psychic who is discovering he has some new abilities, the ability to hear voices from the dead. When he starts hearing voices and messages from a woman named Sharon, he realizes he needs to find her family and save a young woman in apparent danger.

Katie has been having nightmares and feeling like something is after her. Then, an unexpected guest arrives at her birthday luncheon with family, shocking them all. Peter brings a message from her mother, who disappeared without a trace twelve years earlier. The message brings the family closure, but Peter continues to receive messages from Sharon. She is trying to warn her daughter that she is in danger of facing the same fate she did. With Peter’s help, Katie and her family must piece together the clues to find out who, what, when, and where the danger is coming from.

Pariso’s skillful storytelling creates an air of mystery and suspense from the beginning of this captivating book. The plot is complex, and the author does a great job of keeping the reader engaged and guessing what the danger is until the reveal. Pariso provides readers with a series of unexpected events and plot twists that will immerse them in the characters’ lives and the story until they reach the last page.

What truly stands out in Run! Katie! is the depth of a mother’s love. Sharon’s love for her daughter transcends time and space as she communicates with Peter from beyond the grave to keep Katie safe. It is a testament to the lengths a mother will go to protect her child and adds a heart-wrenching element to the story.

Run! Katie! is a phenomenal psychic mystery novel that will appeal to readers who love paranormal suspense and thrillers. It is a fascinating read that will leave readers wanting more and waiting to see what Doris Pariso writes next.

Pages: 172 | ISBN : 1646639979

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Engelstatt by Samuel Church follows a group of university students on a trip to Austria, which turns into a harrowing struggle for survival in a neo-Nazi camp. The story’s protagonist, Jacob Liro, is an aspiring artist from New York who feels suffocated by the city’s busy atmosphere. Despite his mother’s disapproval, Jacob joins his friends on the trip to Austria to explore the country’s beautiful landscapes and monuments.

Engelstatt offers readers an immersive and imaginative experience with its stunning descriptions of Austria’s aesthetic regions and accurate representation of New York’s frenzied environment. The characters in the novel are depicted authentically and face issues that are relatable to young Americans today. For instance, Jacob seeks therapy to cope with the traumatic memories of a school shooting. The book also includes reflective moments that delve into its major themes. The novel exposes the depravity of humanity when people blindly follow the crowd and ignore their self-awareness.

I felt that the interactions between characters appear to overshadow their internal monologues. It can be overwhelming to see the characters express their thoughts in groups rather than individually, making it challenging to connect with them. Nevertheless, Engelstatt delivers an exhilarating, heart-pounding historical thriller filled with explosive action, shootings, deadly games, and risky escape schemes. I was on the edge of my seat, never knowing what to expect but trusting in Samuel’s ability to keep adding captivating twists to keep me engrossed in the story.

I highly recommend the gripping novel, Engelstatt to readers of horror and historical fiction. Readers will be inspired by its protagonists’ unwavering energy and determination to fight for their lives even when the odds are against them.

Pages: 248 | ASIN : B0BZXYNSJ9

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Civil Terror: Gridlock

Dr. Jake Bendel, a pioneering civil engineer, and his team of experts embark on a colossal project to create self-driving cars, aiming to eliminate traffic congestion and accidents. With billions of dollars invested, the groundbreaking technology was widely accepted and integrated into all road networks. However, devastating terrorist attacks soon claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people, leaving Jake to question what went wrong.

As evidence surfaces incriminating Jake as the mastermind behind the attacks, he finds himself imprisoned for his alleged involvement. Jake was part of a team of expert engineers known as the Super Six, of which he is the only surviving member. In time, the team realizes that their technology has been hijacked by terrorists to cause severe damage to the country. An ingenious individual had penetrated the software and was responsible for the catastrophic mishaps. The FBI collaborates with Jake to uncover the root cause of the problem and neutralize any further attacks, faking Jake’s death to facilitate their investigation.

J. Luke Bennecke’s Civil Terror: Gridlock is a thrilling work of fiction that provides insight into the future of advanced AI. The novel explores the pros and cons of utilizing self-driving vehicles and depicts the intelligent and patriotic Jake as its main character and protagonist. While he sometimes struggles with his emotions, his overall goodness shines through.

Viktor, the intriguing and malevolent genius and antagonist of the story, captured my attention the most. I was surprised by how someone could be brainwashed into committing heinous crimes in the name of religion. His intelligence could have been better utilized if not for his association with the wrong people. The characterization is top-notch, and while I enjoyed the novel, I feel that the plot accelerated too quickly in the middle.

Civil Terror: Gridlock is a gripping technothriller that boasts exceptional editing, a good story, and an engaging plot. I highly recommend this book to anyone who fancies a thrilling, action-packed read filled with conspiracy theories and terrorist plots unfolding.

Pages: 494 | ASIN : B07B8LK9XG

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A Field Within

A Field Within by T.C. Solomon starts out with readers meeting Kevin. He is an emergency physician that is looking for a change in his life. He has recently changed jobs to start working in a different hospital, hoping for a fresh start. He loves his job and values his career but wants to break away from the chaos that has consumed his life.

He has a college-age son, Alex, who is away following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps attending medical school. Alex works at a hospital with Kevin’s dad Greg. He learns from him about the ins and outs of working in the medical field. Things aren’t always great for Kevin, especially with his ex Susan, Alex’s mother. However, he does do his best to try and co-parent with her. Things fall start falling apart rapidly, though, when Alex has an accident. Soon there is a mystery revolving around his recovery. That’s when readers meet the test subjects. From here, clues about the work these doctors are doing and what is actually happening in the hospital start to be revealed.

I really enjoyed this book! It had everything in it, from love to mystery and from compassion to a dramatic plot twist. T.C. Solomon excels at character development. The character of Alex is dynamic and will have readers loving him one page, hating him the next, and back again. Kevin was sweet throughout the book, and I liked him with Grace. I really love reading about the test subjects the most. With so many exciting characters, readers will find someone to connect with.

A Field Within is a thrilling psychological medical novel filled with suspense and mystery. Readers will be drawn into the story through the well-written characters and be on edge from the opening pages as the mystery unfolds. With characters that readers will love and hate and a medical mystery that could alter the future, this is one thriller not to miss.

Pages: 285 | ASIN : B0BPQX2QYS

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The French House

The French House is an engaging and suspenseful novel that will have you captivated by the characters. This story is told by the main character, Simone Duchamps. Simone is a 19-year-old French girl who moved to the US with her parents at an early age. Her life is marked by the trauma of the death of her mother, Lisette. Upon entering college, she is invited to live in The French House, a dark brick mansion located in Madison, Wisconsin. The purpose of this residence is the exchange between foreign students and local students who want to develop their French and learn more about French culture. Although the plot develops around The French House, many mysteries are solved in each chapter. It’s the perfect book to enjoy with a glass of wine at night.

The exciting story is not predictable, and the characters are constructed, so your feelings for them will change. There are a lot of expressions and short phrases in French throughout the story, which was initially a little frustrating having to look up the translation, but I soon got used to it. I wish the author had put the translation of some to facilitate reading.

This book caught my attention because it is loaded with historical and artistic references. I enjoyed it when the author described everything with delicacy and uniqueness. Courtney Lochner writes, without a doubt, with mastery and creativity. As it is written in her own words on one of the book’s pages, “the mind erases just as well as it creates,” and this story is so well constructed that it made me question my memories.

The French House is thrilling and suspenseful, filled with unpredictable characters and plot twists. Each question answered seems to bring forth a new mystery for readers to discover and see where they end up. Between murder and social hierarchy climbing, readers will have a steady source of action and entertainment to keep them hooked till the last page.

Pages: 296 | ASIN : B0BGFHQ5RT

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DoGoodR by W.A. Pepper is a thriller prequel that follows a hacker named Tanto, who, along with a couple fellow hackers, has been hired by a woman claiming to be the sister of the hacker, DoGoodR, to destroy the evidence that had landed him behind bars. Tanto and his friends Squirrel_Lord and Mane-Eac go on a mission to free this young hacker, but as they get further into the job, things start feeling off to Tanto. Accelerated deadlines, their fellow companion’s incompetence, and sheer bad luck have the gang questioning their odds. Will they succeed in saving their young comrade, or is it all just a cleverly arranged trap as they fear?

This suspenseful book was riveting. It really drew me in. It hooks you from the beginning and has you on the edge of your seat till the end. It’s a nice little short read if you’re looking for something to fill a little time in your reading schedule. Despite its size, though, it doesn’t skimp on the thrills. I loved Mane-Eac. She was a strong female character who didn’t let her fellow male hackers push her around, and I appreciate that alpha woman’s presence. Actually, all the ladies were pretty strong, some scarily so.

I felt the book could use some editing with how the chapters are broken out. With a short novel, it can be hard to get all the information a reader needs at times. There are a lot of flashbacks in this story to make that happen. While they were necessary to give you the backstory, I felt saying the character was brought back to the present each time wasn’t necessary. Those things aside, the story moved quickly, and the characters gave readers all the information at just the right time to provide suspense from start to finish.

DoGoodR is a page-turning technothriller and prequel. It made me consider reading the others in this universe. If you love a good hacker thriller, I recommend this. The fast-paced action and great characters made this a great read.

Pages: 120 | ISBN: 1958011045

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It Was In Our Hands

It Was In Our Hands by M.C Ronen brings to an end an enlightening read of M.C Ronen’s ethical thrillers. Now a full-fledged activist, a far cry from the young enslaved escapee from Nature’s farm, Sunny takes the mantle of leadership at the Liberation Movement. Sunny and her activist friends are still working towards rescuing and rehabilitating enslaved persons, but they venture into the political scene with a twist. Now that Sunny has more people in her life to protect, the mission to change the status quo might be a massive step towards achieving total liberation or just another costly mistake.

The Liberation trilogy has been a roller coaster of events, and the final isn’t any different. This time Ronen tells the story from other characters’ points of view, including that of enslaved persons and reformed perpetrators. Her new approach is insightful, and once again, M.C Ronen has managed to convince readers about everything that is wrong with abusing other sensate creatures. M.C Ronen’s unique writing style always vividly represents her message and more so in the final book.

Unlike the earlier series, Ronen barely uses metaphors, and readers can get a clearer picture of the veganism message she’s trying to convey. However, the chapters are concise, containing bits and pieces of different soliloquies. Obviously, the author was trying to tie up all loose ends, giving readers closure on the future of all characters, both past, and present.

It Was In Our Hands by M.C Ronen was more thrilling than the two previous trilogy parts. Although, I wouldn’t recommend reading the third book in isolation from the previous two because it might be challenging to connect many dots. This suspenseful conclusion to the storyline is not one to miss and will leave readers with much to think about.

Pages: 259 | ASIN : B097SSCZCL

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Camp David Conspiracy

The war on drugs in America is raging. Everyone, from low-income communities to the high-end politicians, lawyers, and doctors, enjoys the hard-hitting high that comes from cocaine, heroin, and other recreational drugs. Unfortunately, federal government organizations like the DEA and FBI are at a loss on how to stop this profitable and overly active industry. It is not until President Osbourne’s best friend loses his son to a mugging gone wrong by a drug addict looking for cash to pay for his next hit that he takes the war on drugs seriously. Too seriously. Casualties on both sides of this war reveal corruption and conspiracies from every angle. Author Antim Straus writes a fictional piece based on the history of the War on Drugs in Camp David Conspiracy.

The author has a solid understanding of politics and the war on drugs, and it is clear the author has done his research. Character development is one of the highlights of this novel. The story follows several characters from the White House, the Cartel, reporter Wines, drug dealers, and many more. I really enjoyed this approach because I was able to see from each character’s perspective how drugs personally affected their lives. The author’s ability to create a wide cast of characters is one to be applauded, as each character was very different and believable.

The author seamlessly changes perspectives between characters within each chapter; I always knew who was talking and whose thoughts readers were listening in on. In addition, the author explains in detail concepts like buyers, sellers, dropping packages, runners, etc., which allows the reader to understand the criminal side of drug dealing. I felt like I was watching a crime show, and I found it hard to put this book down. I also liked how pieces of the news articles were inserted into the book, fully immersing the reader in the drama.

I feel this book is more of a crime thriller than a political thriller, and I only mention this as it may deter other readers from picking up this enticing book. Camp David Conspiracy is a raw, gritty, and intense read that takes the reader into a deep dive into the drug operation and the war on drugs. This is the first book in Antim Straus’s Geoffrey Wines Series. I look forward to reading the second book in the series Disorder.

Camp David Conspiracy is a riveting political thriller novel that will have readers on edge with each suspenseful chapter. This crime fiction book is filled with intimate details of how drug rings are conducted and the conspiracy of those in high political places.

Pages: 335 | ASIN : B07KDW9L9Z

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