Mystical Force: Vol. 5 Shadows and Darkness

“I saw a teenage girl I took as my apprentice and trained as a Taman Knight. Actually, I saw two possible futures: one where I die and my apprentice becomes a Koldar Warrior and another where I live, and she becomes a Taman Knight,” Shiria told her friends after arriving on Earth. Now she’s finally going to meet her new apprentice, a teenage girl named Chiyoko.

Abandoned by her father and despised by her mother, Chiyoko is determined to join the Poison Starfish and earn the respect she feels she deserves. Now it’s up to Shi-ria and Detective Shinjo to show Chiyoko she has the chance for a better life than that of a petty criminal. Unfortunately, if the Poison Starfish find out about this, it may cost the three of them their lives.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, a mysterious cult tied to the prophecy that brought Shi-ria to Earth wants to use Chiyoko as bait to find Shi-ria and kill her to ensure she doesn’t interfere in their goal: resurrecting a powerful shadow demon, the Kage Dai Yokai, and bringing about the end of the world.

And what about Scarlet Knightwalker? She traveled back in time to prevent Shi-ria and Chiyoko from the meeting, to prevent Chiyoko from giving in to her inner darkness and becoming a Koldar Warrior. But what if, in doing so, she ends up creating the very future she’s been so desperate to prevent?

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