Old San Antone

The allure of a captivating Wild West tale is undeniable. The gunfights, horses, cowboys, outlaws, Indians, and rangers have delighted readers’ imaginations for decades. However, Captain Hondo Stone’s amazing story stands out for its raw honesty and vivid depiction of the era. From his early days as an orphaned lone survivor of his family’s homestead massacre to his rise through the ranks, Stone’s friendships, foes, and steadfast principles made him a Texas legend. Against overwhelming forces of lawlessness, corruption, and depravity, the fight for what is right is fierce.

Old San Antone: Dawn of the Legend is an epic historical fiction novel authored by The 2-Bru Krew. The authors set out to create an honest and detailed story against the rich and raw backdrop of the realities of the Reconstruction-era American South. This is not a story for those who cannot stomach some improper language or depictions of violence and lawlessness of the late 19th-century American reality. Written in a blunt and direct style, the book portrays real heroes possessing integrity, kindness, and humanity who shine brighter against the uncensored reality they had to live and operate in.

This gripping book is extensively descriptive, full of intricate details, and undoubtedly aimed at a mature audience who appreciates the art of historical fiction. The language is complex, and in some parts, writers use certain spellings to convey the language of certain social groups of the era. Each page will keep the reader intrigued and engaged as they follow complex characters navigating impossible situations and making tough choices.

Old San Antone is a must-read for those who love historical fiction and are drawn to the Wild West era. This book is a shining example of what can be achieved when authors are dedicated to creating a genuine and detailed portrayal of a historical period. In addition, anyone who loves the Wild West and is drawn to complex characters navigating impossible situations will find this book fascinating and engrossing until the end.

Pages: 738 | ASIN : B08XMG8K6M

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  1. I wonder if people really called it San Antone back then or if that was a made-up nickname that no one who lived there would ever use, from the start.

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