A Dog’s Love Is Without Conditions 

Sharon Winters Author Interview

A Quilt for Charley is a heartwarming story about an older dog who finds hope in a dream, leading him to a new chance at love and a forever home. What do you hope readers take away from your story?

I hope that readers will take a chance and adopt older dogs. Old dogs need loving and caring homes, too. 

The book also features the theme of love and the bond between humans and animals. How important is this connection, and why do you think it is so strong?

The connection between dogs and humans is a strong and loving bond because dogs aren’t just animals. They are sentient beings. They have all of the emotions that a human being has. Charley’s trainer had the opportunity to watch how Charley interacted with me, and he said, “In my entire career, training dogs, I have never seen a dog so in love with someone as much as Charley loves Sharon.” A dog’s love is without conditions. 

The book conveys the importance of adoption and giving older animals a chance at a new life. Can you discuss your personal views on animal adoption and the work that animal shelters do?

Animal shelters struggle to place homeless animals in loving homes, and without shelters, many more animals would suffer alone, hopeless, and helpless. 

Adopting an animal, especially older animals, is saving a life. The thought that Charley could have died alone and unloved brings me to tears. We promised Charley, he will never die alone, and he will be loved until his last breath. He is a bright light in our life that brings us great joy. He is sweet and kind. And as a service dog, he is by my side to help me up curbs and stairs. 

A Quilt for Charley is a touching and memorable story. Are there any particular reactions from readers that have stuck with you?

Several of my friends who have read my book about Karl and Charley have told me that when they reincarnate, they want to be my dog. 

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Charley is an older dog whose life has been hard. His life becomes even harder after he is found wandering in a park and taken to the Maricopa County dog shelter. He watches as younger dogs come in and are quickly adopted. Why hasn’t his family come for him? Why doesn’t anyone want him? Will he spend the rest of his life in a small kennel with no one to love him?
Then one night, Charley has a dream where a mysterious-looking dog with golden eyes appears. He tells Charley his hard life is over, and he is going to a forever home where his life will be better than anything he could ever imagine.
When Charley wakes up, he wonders, could this dream be true? As he is led out from his kennel to meet the man and woman who have asked to see him, he is hopeful. What does his future hold . . .

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