Boy Wander – A Coming of Age Memoir

Second-graders should be carefree, have plenty of time to play with friends, and lack all the worries of adulthood. Jobert, however, lives quite a different life altogether. His father is politically active, and his mother’s concerns for his safety spill over into their everyday lives. Jobert, at the tender age of seven, has been forced into recognizing his own sexuality and deals on a daily basis with the memory of abuse by an adult he believed he could trust. Jobert begins a long journey of seeking approval and trying to find himself along the way.

Boy Wander: A Coming of Age Memoir, by Jobert E. Abueva, is the moving account of young Jobert’s experiences as the son of parents who have their own approaches to encouraging and molding his future. Jobert is an elementary student when his life is impacted by abuse–abuse on which he dwells and keeps to himself. Around the same time, Jobert realizes he has strong feelings for a boy in his school. Abueva’s writing brings young Jobert to life. His feelings, his struggles, and his fears are almost palpable. I found myself wanting to reach through time and space to comfort Jobert. One of the most impactful moments in the book came in the first few pages. After reading about Jobert’s horrifying experience as a six-year-old, I was moved to tears when I then scrolled to see the photo of a three-year-old Jobert, innocent and precious. I don’t know that Abueva could have made a more striking statement without ever typing a word. The enormity of Jobert’s treatment at such a young age hits home with a single photo. The history relayed in Abueva’s writing is an added bonus and only serves to enrich Jobert’s story. I was especially moved by the plight of the boat people from Vietnam. Abueva truly brings Jobert to life as the reader sees historical events through his eyes. His innocence is essentially the main character in Abueva’s work, and readers will find themselves completely wrapped up in his experiences.

There are some books that move you and some that simply take your breath with their honesty and biting reality. Abueva’s work, Boy Wander: A Coming of Age Memoir, is of the latter. Nowhere will readers find a more open and honest look at childhood and all of its challenges. I recommend Abueva’s work to anyone interested in exploring a new author who, without a doubt, writes from the heart.

Pages: 260 | ASIN : B0BVJNJMQN

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