Underneath the Fireflies

Marianne Scott’s Underneath the Fireflies is an enthralling paranormal suspense thriller that weaves an intricate tapestry of supernatural and real-world elements. Our protagonist, Grace Walker, a gifted young woman from Toronto, seeks refuge on the serene Galliano Island, British Columbia, visiting her parents following a disturbing incident. However, her expectations of a peaceful getaway are thwarted as she is thrust into a chilling crime narrative triggered by her visions of a brutal murder at the scenic Lewis Landing.

The captivating supernatural elements of Scott’s narrative truly elevate this suspenseful tale. Grace’s distinct powers lend her a unique aura, as she harnesses her skills to bring perpetrators to justice—a characteristic that, for me, solidified her as a protagonist worth rooting for. A remarkable feature of the story was the incorporation of Scout, the wolf, whose integral role in guiding Grace piqued my interest.

The novel immerses readers into a rich narrative, subtly hinting at past events that add depth to the characters. While a prequel might have offered a more explicit understanding, this approach does foster curiosity and intrigue. The reflective storytelling style, while potentially affecting the pacing, offers a unique contemplative perspective. Scenes from secondary characters’ viewpoints, although seeming tangential, provide a panoramic understanding of the plot. Despite unconventional storytelling techniques, the novel excels in stimulating curiosity and presenting a multifaceted narrative.

Scott skillfully steers the plot back on track, rekindling interest as the characters embark on their investigative journey. As the story unfolded, I was engrossed in the process of tying together the threads that led to the revelation of truth. The narrative teases us with hints pointing towards multiple characters, which adds to the suspense and makes the identity of the killer an enigma until a dramatic reveal midway through the story.

Underneath the Fireflies is a novel where every piece of the puzzle eventually falls into place, offering a rewarding experience that leaves readers pondering long after the final page has been turned.”

Pages: 296 | ASIN : B0BSB4QFSQ

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  1. I’m thrilled that my story resonates with readers. Thank you for taking the time and being so thorough with your in-depth review. Thank you.

    Marianne Scott, author

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