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Aural Gynecology For The Layman

Aural Gynecology by [RickthePoetWarrior RickthePoetWarrior]

Aural Gynecology for the Layman is a uniquely formatted series of poems and short commentaries that offers a new look into simple egalitarianism.

The author cleverly pokes fun at the way both men and women deal with and understand sexism and discrimination. The collection follows the general themes of sex and the interactions between men and women in daily life. The poems use plays on words and brilliant allusions to express that at times, it seems far too easy for women to be objectified and lose autonomy, particularly as they are portrayed as sexual objects.

The book is humorous and cheeky but tasteful in its wit as opposed to being vulgar. Although the anthology can be quite silly sounding at times, the author does an excellent job of capturing some of the modern-day issues facing society at large and how men tend to think about them. All of these issues are equivocated with much laughter and amusement on the part of the reader. I highly recommend this collection of poems for those looking for a laugh about contemporary problems that can seem difficult to solve, it is a refreshing break from seriousness and complete cohesiveness.

Pages: 77 | ASIN: B08WPX58YZ

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