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Be a Spider, Build a Web

In Be A Spider, Build A Web: Sticky Content Marketing For Small Business, Rachel Klaver teaches small business owners how to run their businesses and make use of social media for marketing. The author uses straightforward language and relatable examples that every small and medium business owner is familiar with. Rachel Klaver’s writing is different in that she only writes about what she has seen or experienced, not assumptions. Rachel Klaver works with data and statistics, and trends. This book does not feel technical in any way despite the author mixing business and marketing jargon in a few chapters.

This informative book is marketing 101 for the modern merchant. How much visibility does your business have? Are you active on social media? If so, how much social media presence do you have? Do you know how to entice customers? Are you aware of tools to use online to market and expand your business? The author answers these and related questions for all entrepreneurs. Rachel Klaver writes her answers with clarity and explains even the most basic terms understood by readers unfamiliar with marketing terms.

Rachel Klaver wrote a terrific book for business enthusiasts and people who have a passion for content marketing but do not know where to start. There are multiple gems included in this book when it comes to marketing, especially digital marketing. Using the spider analogy, Rachel Klaver describes how to build a spider web in marketing and ways of drawing people in. From her explanation, one can feel how smooth the process appears. You only need to set your mind to it, focus, and use the tips she has shared across the chapters.

Having been in business herself, Rachel Klaver understands what causes a business to fail or have few clients. I like that the author was vulnerable enough to share her mistakes in her business days, as it made her writing authentic. Tales from her past are intriguing to read, and one can draw crucial business lessons from them. I also like it when the author writes about her wins and how she did influencer marketing before it was a cool thing to do. Rachel Klaver knows how to engage with her readers and is likable. Her approach to writing showcases her process for content marketing in the age of social media. Many books discuss digital marketing, but none reads like Rachel Klaver’s.

In Be A Spider, Build A Web: Sticky Content Marketing For Small Business, Rachel Klaver will take you through every step of content marketing, both the easy and multifaceted parts, and guide you on how to be the best. This informative book will help take your small business to new levels online by creating content that will attract and retain visitors.

Pages: 265 | ASIN : B0B45HWQW9

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