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Love At First Sight Can Happen

C.E. Eryl Author Interview

Blackberries and Brandi is the third book in the Hope Falls Series. What were some new ideas you wanted to explore in this book that were different from book two?

Book 1, The Reindeer Ranch, was the first of my romance novels and I had great fun with it, with the humor, holiday and the parents and children involved throughout. Book 2, The Valentine’s Dance is meant to be romantic as well as a bit of intrigue. Now we come to book 3, Blackberries and Brandi. I wanted to escalate the mystery and intrigue in this book to prove that love at first sight can happen, but can it endure the drama of the past?

What were some obstacles that you felt were important to testing and developing Brandi and Luke’s relationship?

I touched on this a bit with the first question. This relationship goes through many tests from a boss/employee relationship to the past sneaking up to rock the boat. I imagine many new relationships come with baggage and it depends on the strength and commitment of the two who are in love to weather the storm.

Was there anything from your own life that you put into this story?

If anything, I would say it’s my optimistic personality in thinking (especially from Luke’s viewpoint) that love conquers all. In real life we don’t all have the happily-ever-after’s, so this makes me exceedingly happy to write them.

What can readers expect in book four in the Hope Falls Series?

Book 4, His December Bride, is being written currently. Several of the characters in the previous books will be in this one as well, but the focus is on Darci and Brian as they move towards their presumed wedding day. Can things go awry? They certainly can and a smidge of mystery comes calling when Darci suspects Brian isn’t being absolutely truthful to her. What is that saying? The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry… We’ll see how the main characters handle it.

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After the Valentine’s Dance, Brandi is in a heavenly state. Luke has announced his love for her and although they’ve known each other for a small time, Luke sets the record straight. He tells her… When you know, you know.
And she does. She’s never met anyone like him. He is always there to lean against and is so loving and protective of her and her mom. They are looking forward to the change of seasons and spending their down time from the Hope Falls Ski Resort with one another, deepening their relationship.
All is not what it seems in Hope Falls, as Luke soon discovers. Someone has tampered with his brake lines to his truck. He quickly hires a private investigator, suspecting one particular individual, but when a sighting of a tall person wearing a long, black coat is seen near his truck, the mystery deepens. What will the investigator find? Will Brandi and Luke find their happily ever after?
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