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We All Have Spots

Logan is a young leopard that wakes up late, and the rest of his herd is gone. He wants to set out to find them on his own, but he doesn’t know where to look, so he just heads off to see who he can find. He is drawn to animals with spots like him. First, he found cows, then bunnies and birds. Over and over, Logan found more animals with spots, but none were like him. Eventually, he does find his family. But the events of his day stay with him. He thinks about how everyone is different, but in the end, he decides what matters is how they are all the same.

We All Have Spots by author M. J. McDonald is a beautifully written story about acceptance of others and friendship. Instead of focusing on all the ways he is different from the other animals he meets, Logan focuses on what they have in common and feels that it is enough for them to be friends. It is an excellent message for children to hear.

I loved the positive way Logan approached each animal, explaining how if they did something different than him, like rolling in mud or hanging upside down, he was very friendly about it, never putting the differences down. A positive attitude and open mindset are great examples for preschoolers and young elementary students.

We All Have Spots is a thought-provoking children’s book that gives young readers much to consider. In an easy to understand manner, children are shown that just because people look different from one another, they can still be friends and that it is important to find the things that are the same between people.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B09YNNL227

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