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1 2 3 Count with Me on Granddad’s Farm

Children’s author Valerie D. Johnson has written an engaging counting book titled 1 2 3 Count with Me on Granddad’s Farm. This heartwarming story about a family visiting the family farm is told through counting different things on the farm, starting with one farmhouse sitting on a hill. Then, as the family counts to ten, readers follow along and learn about life on a farm.

This excellent picture book has a lot to offer young readers. The first thing that stood out to me is the different levels of text, giving children of different ages the ability to read and grasp what is going on in the story. Each number is displayed in numerical form as well as spelled out. Next is a simple sentence that beginning readers can follow. After that is a longer explanation of what is happening in the story. This fantastic book can be read at all levels and still make sense. It is easy to follow the numbers and the illustrations done by Cee Biscoe read along without having to read each of the descriptive paragraphs. One example is on the page for number 6. “Six horses work on the farm. Can you find all six? count with me!” This is enough for children to understand the number and count along, but there is more information about horses, what they like to eat, and how to care for them. This layout allows the book to have greater educational use and keeps it interesting for a broader range of children.

1 2 3 Count with Me on Granddad’s Farm will encourage children to read and learn to count while learning about life on a farm creatively and actively. Counting along with the storyteller makes this an active reading children’s book rather than one they would just sit and listen to. At the end of this book, there are notes and discussion starters, as well as a dice counting page. These extra resources are invaluable to teachers and home educators to help turn this into a complete learning unit. This would make an excellent addition to a home or classroom library.

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The ‘Tail’ of a Trio

Three dogs have had a very different life up until this point. One dog, Addie, has a loving home with an owner she adores. She became her human’s assistant and works in their therapy practice with her. Addie is a therapy dog. Next is Rue. Rue had a loving home to start, but then one day, her humans disappeared, leaving her behind. She was rescued and brought to a new home, but she was always worried about being replaced and left again. The third dog, Bee, grew up in the pound; she never knew love, only stress and anxiety, and loud noises scared her. This well-written children’s book tells the story of how the three meet and become friends.

The ‘Tail’ of a Trio is written by Katherine Scott, a licensed therapist. She uses the dogs in this story to explain how therapy dogs help people and some situations in that they can be of service. Told from the dogs’ perspective, this heartwarming book can help children suffering from anxiety to see their feelings are normal and valid. I love that Scott explains different therapy terms and practices in the story. This is a friendly and gentle way to introduce the concept to children, especially kids who are unsure about therapy or feel something is wrong with them attending therapy.

The story is conversational and moves comfortably, giving readers time to talk about concepts and situations. I feel this book would help children that have anxiety understand that they are not alone and it is ok. In addition, the three dogs make the story approachable and less scary than if it were humans doing the same thing.

The ‘Tail’ of a Trio is an extraordinary tale of friendship, compassion, and understanding. Children will learn much from this short story and enjoy its artwork. Each dog has their own unique personality, and children will be able to find one to identify with. This is a beautiful book for therapists to have and recommend to help normalize therapy.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B0B8334M45

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Gaining Her Strength

Laia the Butterfly Princess returns to readers with another adventure. This time Laia wants to see the other side of the river. The only problem is it is now fall and very windy. Her delicate wings can not compete with the wind blowing her in the wrong direction. After a long trek, she makes it to the river only to find an alligator crying on the river bank. Laia is afraid of the giant alligator, but she is a strong princess who refuses to let fear prevent her from helping someone in need. It turns out Andy, the alligator has a rotten tooth, and it is making him miserable. Can Laia help Andy feel better, and will she ever make it across the river to see what is on the other side?

Gaining Her Strength: Butterfly Princess Book 3 by author Alisa Wagner is a whimsical picture book about a princess butterfly and her courage and compassion. This magical book teaches children that even if you are small, you can still help others and do good in the world. Laia may be small, but she is smart, she through a way to help Andy and his rotten tooth, and even though she was afraid of him at first, she did not let that fear keep her from doing the right thing.

The artwork in this children’s book by Albert Morales is colorful and engaging. The images are vibrant and draw readers in; you can see Andy’s tears and sense the pain his tooth is causing him. Children will see the transformation in Laia from concerned in afraid to confident and determined.

Kindergarten and early elementary students will find this well-written picture book to be motivational and entertaining. I look forward to seeing what other adventures Laia goes on in future books.

Pages: 29 | ASIN : B09TV28RT9

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We All Have Spots

Logan is a young leopard that wakes up late, and the rest of his herd is gone. He wants to set out to find them on his own, but he doesn’t know where to look, so he just heads off to see who he can find. He is drawn to animals with spots like him. First, he found cows, then bunnies and birds. Over and over, Logan found more animals with spots, but none were like him. Eventually, he does find his family. But the events of his day stay with him. He thinks about how everyone is different, but in the end, he decides what matters is how they are all the same.

We All Have Spots by author M. J. McDonald is a beautifully written story about acceptance of others and friendship. Instead of focusing on all the ways he is different from the other animals he meets, Logan focuses on what they have in common and feels that it is enough for them to be friends. It is an excellent message for children to hear.

I loved the positive way Logan approached each animal, explaining how if they did something different than him, like rolling in mud or hanging upside down, he was very friendly about it, never putting the differences down. A positive attitude and open mindset are great examples for preschoolers and young elementary students.

We All Have Spots is a thought-provoking children’s book that gives young readers much to consider. In an easy to understand manner, children are shown that just because people look different from one another, they can still be friends and that it is important to find the things that are the same between people.

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Pippin’s Night-time Adventure

It is nighttime, and Pippins’s friend Blossom, the possum, asks him to join her as she goes out to see her friends. Having never been out at night, Pippin eagerly goes out to explore. They head down to the river, where they meet a wombat named Waddle, a fruit bat named Pixie, and a platypus named Platy. While exploring the river area, Pippin winds up in trouble, and his new friends must save him. This is an adventure Pippin will not forget.

Author Julia Seaborn continues her saga of Pippin’s adventures with the picture book Pippin’s Night-time Adventure. This creative story introduces young readers to several animals that live around a river. With charming illustrations from Richard Hoit, the river animals come to life while teaching readers about the animals that Pippin encounters. Seaborn uses Pippin’s conversations with the animals to educate readers about them, so Pippin is learning with readers. This helps kids really feel like part of the story.

Children will love how expressive all the animals are in the story. Each page has bold colors and detailed illustrations. So when the animals explain about themselves, children can see details like the wombat’s claws, the fruit bat’s fur and wings, and the platypus nose. This is a great way to introduce life around a river to an elementary class in a fun way.

When Pippen ends up in trouble, the animals all work together to save him. Teachers will love that this amazing children’s book teaches the values of teamwork and friendship even though they are all very different animals.

Pippin’s Night-time Adventure is a heartwarming picture book that will have children learning about all the animals and the value of teamwork and friendship. Children will love the images, and the fun story as all the animals meet Pippin and share their home at the river with him.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09R46HT8S

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Gertie Saves the Day

Gertie Saves the Day is about a sweet groundhog that wants to be the next groundhog that predicts if there will be 6 more weeks of winter or not. Gertie’s class is going to have a competition to see who will be the next groundhog to look for their shadow on Groundhog Day. She tries very hard to win the position but ultimately loses to Jeff. Jeff is not the kindest groundhog in the class and teases Gertie about her height. When Groundhog Day comes, there is a problem; what will Gertie do?

Author Karen Patricia Nespoli has written a creative and engaging picture book. She uses simple but effective prose to share her meaningful message. Daniela Massironi has illustrated the story with adorable, colorful, and entertaining pictures. This beautifully written children’s book introduces to kids the concept of Groundhog Day, kindness, good sportsmanship, and teamwork. It is a lot packed into a remarkably short book.

Gertie has a positive attitude that even when things do not go well for her, she thinks of the bigger picture and stays supportive. She tries her hardest and shows readers that sometimes it is not enough even when you do your best, and that is ok. Jeff goes through some character development learning about what teamwork and friendship mean.

Gertie Saves the DayThis simple narrative model’s good behavior and morals in an approachable way. Included are fun facts about Groundhog Day and groundhogs. This makes it the perfect book for teachers, parents, or anyone wanting to teach a lesson on groundhogs or Groundhog Day.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09CZH64D5

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Pippin Moves to the City

Pippin Moves to the City is the second book in the series, A Poodle Called Pippin. On this adventure, Pippin finds out his family is moving from the country to the city. He is very nervous about this move and dislikes everything from the start. Pippin is sad that he had to leave all his friends and worries he will not make new ones. When night comes, he becomes afraid when he hears a sound in the walls. It turns out there is nothing to fear; it is just a possum named Blossom, and she becomes Pippin’s first new friend. The following day Pippen races off to the beach, and there he discovers all kinds of new animals and adventures.

This heartwarming picture book written by Julia Seaborn is perfect for preschoolers and early elementary school-age kids. It introduces them to the concept of moving, addresses their fears, and shows them that things can work out, sometimes even better than before. Learning how to make new friends is also challenging and scary. Pippen shows young readers that they do not have to be afraid to meet new friends. Meeting the new animals shows diversity and inclusion; there are a lot of lessons in this creative children’s book.

Richard Hoit illustrates this light-hearted story with vivid colors detailed drawings and makes the animals come to life. Animals like a possum, seals, foxes, and a butterfly. These whimsical illustrations work well with the storyline and will keep children engaged in this marvelous book.

At the end of this beautifully written book, there are activities included. The author consists of twelve questions for readers to answer about the story and what they learned in the book. There is also a butterfly maze that kids can do and a link for more butterfly crafts. Lastly, a possum facts for children page teaches kids some fun facts about Blossom.

Pippin Moves to the City is a beautiful picture book that teachers and parents will adore. It is a fantastic introduction to moving, making friends, and experiencing new things on a level that small children can understand.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09LH7VNN3

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Pippin Moves to the City

Pippin, the poodle, is about to go on a new adventure. His family is moving to the city. Pippen is apprehensive about this move and does not want to leave everything he knows and his friends. The first night in his new home, a possum pops out of the ceiling and introduces themself as Blossom. Already Pippen has a new friend. The next day he goes to the beach near his new home and meets all kinds of animals. Finally, things are starting to look up for Pippen. Pippen learns that change can be challenging, but you know new things and have great adventures when you take a chance and make new friends.

Pippin Moves to the City by Julia Seaborn and illustrated by Richard Hoit is the second book in the series, A Poodle Called Pippin. This cute and fun picture book will delight young readers with colorful and playful images and an entertaining storyline. Written for preschool and early elementary level children, the topic of moving is presented quickly and gently that preschoolers can understand and grasp it.

Readers will see how making new friends, even when complex and uncomfortable, is a worthwhile adventure to take. Seaborn also lets kids know it is okay to miss your old friends while making new friends. With Richard Hoits rich and vibrant illustration, seals, foxes, possums, and butterflies are introduced to the story to help Pippen make friends and learn the value of caring for your neighbors.

In addition to being a creative and entertaining story, this children’s book provides multiple resources for teachers. This book could be used for a fun unit study covering various subjects and tying them together. A list of fun questions can be used for reading comprehension review, a maze for children to follow, and a list of facts on Possums that could be turned into a science lesson.

Pippin Moves to the City is a playful and charismatic picture book that is perfect for teachers, preschools, libraries, and parents.

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