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Secrets Through the Lens

Secrets Through the Lens is a tale of a tragic family that has endured tragedy and irreparable damage from various circumstances. When Laura discovers that she is pregnant in her teens, her life seems blighted, and the ambitious but ignorant character must make decisions that will have repercussions throughout her life, including family and relationships. As Laura raises two daughters, Bannon and Mallory, she isn’t the loving, nurturing mother they need. Instead, they grow up in Sydney with cold and distant parents, longing for love, understanding, attention, and empathy.

As a result of their upbringing, neither Bannon nor Mallory can sustain a romantic relationship. When they find any measure of happiness, it soon evaporates into despair and tragedy. Throughout their lives, both sisters support each other, though in some cases, Bannon appears to be more supportive of Mallory and receives little in return from her.

As you dive into the story, the plot expands to include exciting and unique developments. Jennifer, Laura’s much older daughter, who lives in Queensland, keeps regular contact with Bannon. Just as the reader gains a sense of who the family is, hidden mysteries lie beneath the surface, slowly unraveling and keeping you reading to uncover more.

Throughout the story, the author addresses isolation, instability, and insecurity throughout the story. Eales does a great job describing a love that is either stifled or thwarted, where men are predatory, and children feel unsafe. As Laura dispassionately teaches her daughter, Mallory, to expect life to be harsh and unfair, she spares no love or compassion, leading her daughters and their legacy down a dark path in life.

Secrets Through the Lens by Connie Eales is a tragic tale about family and the impact of generational trauma. While this book deals with complex themes and longing for relief, it is an insightful read that gives the reader much to think about. Secrets Through the Lens is a gripping story with a well-written tale of family tragedy and loss.

Pages: 281 | ASIN: B0BCDRQN7C

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