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Destination Success: Discovering the Entrepreneurial Journey by [Sri Gaddam]

The feeling one gets after completing this book is that they are ready to conquer the world and use their skills to help in society. Destination Success: Discovering the Entrepreneurial Journey is like a career manual that has solutions for people who are stuck in different careers. Sri Gaddam takes you on a step by step guide where he explains how the career you choose impacts the path you take in life. By reading this book, you will accomplish your dreams and set bigger targets for yourself.

I like that Sri Gaddam was not stern throughout the book. There were light moments in some chapters, which made the reading easy. Sri Gaddam knows business and also knows where to add in a little humor. The author makes the reading easy and comfortable for readers of all levels. Every page has information that is helpful either in one’s personal life, entrepreneurial journey, or professional life. The author has written guidelines that will help people balance the two, a problem that many people who are struggling to climb the career ladder face.

Even with the formulas shared in the book, the author reminds every reader that it is their personal responsibility to make things work. The systems in place may not be reliable but what are you doing as an individual to improve your situation? The author’s tone is friendly but also firm. Sri Gaddam wrote this book to push everyone who reads it to be better. The tone in the book is inspiring and what anyone who feels stuck needs. I liked the parts in the book where the author went raw with life happenings. He talks of challenges people face and discusses consequences for every action. The narration in the book was excellent, and the definition of new terms and phrases pleasing.

Other than the advice in the book, one can tell that Sri Gaddam is an amazing storyteller. The author knows how to capture the reader’s interest by telling engaging and fascinating tales. The stories in the book are relatable and make the reader virtually connect with the author. In whichever industry one is, the author has nuggets of wisdom that will enable one to move forward. Destination Success is an inspiring book that will appeal to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Pages: 189 | ASIN: B07499SX9S

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