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Junior, a monster-hunting Scav, is looking for a better hand in life for himself and his little family. Carla, a magi and teacher, wants an end to the War no matter the cost. Logan, a promising young magi, just wants to go home. Set in a dystopian future, a world where humanity has been forced underground in order to survive, Discoveries: Book 1 of the Magicuim Series follows three strangers on their way to Shanghai to find the answers they’ve been looking for and some that they never wanted to find. Beset by monsters known as abominations, through love, loss, and odd friendships, these three will stop at nothing to get what they’re after.

T.N. Baldwin’s debut novel is a thrilling rollercoaster of action and drama that leaves the reader wanting more. While each chapter focuses on one of the three protagonists, they fit together seamlessly. Baldwin lets the puzzle pieces fall into place with each word and creates something much greater than your average fantasy novel.

Beyond the plot, Baldwin also does a masterful job of weaving characters that have been clearly affected by the world around them. Carla’s skepticism of the Open, Junior’s stern care, and even Logan’s naivety all make sense when considering how they were forced to live. All the characters feel like people just doing their best to survive. They’re relatable and realistic, which makes it so much easier to sink into the world that’s being spun. It’s hard not to feel like one of the group.  

For fans of dystopian fantasy, Discoveries is a great addition to the genre. With a thrilling and original plot, realistic characters, magic, and adventure, this book has something for everyone. I can’t wait to follow Junior, Logan, and Carla through their future adventures.

Pages: 567 | ASIN : B086MY91BT

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