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Carla is looking for the thing she lost, Blessing for who she is, Logan for what to do next, and Junior for who he’s supposed to be. With the characters still reeling from the events of Disruptions, nothing is what it once was or what it was said to be. In T.N. Baldwin’s third installment of the Magicium series, our beloved, rag-tag group of once hesitant adventurers find themselves buried deeper and deeper in the politics of the war they once sought to end. Disciples is an exciting and thrilling story that delves into the root of who the characters are.

Just like the previous books in the series, Disciples does a fantastic job of building off the already-established plot and characters while managing to bring everything to its full potential. Carla, Logan, Blessing, and Junior all have no choice but to step out of their comfort zones in order to grow. I found myself especially interested in Blessing, a character who I haven’t always loved. At times, it felt like I was reading a coming-of-age novel – definitely an interesting choice for the third book in a series but a choice that paid off immensely. It was a joy to watch the characters that I’d already fallen in love with grow into themselves and navigate the conflicts they were forced into, separated as they were.

Disciples kept me interested in everything while not making things too overwhelming. Disciples is a fantastic follow-up to its predecessors and one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Action, politics, and adventure – it had everything I wanted out of a fantasy novel while keeping me excited for the inevitable reunion in the next book.

Pages: 485 | ASIN : B08QGQKP2B

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T.N. Baldwin is back along with Logan, Carla, Junior, and his full cast of beloved characters in the second book of the Magicium series, Disruptions. Having survived their excursion to Shanghai, the group finds themselves going their separate ways in this action-packed adventure. As each character digs deeper into the world’s mysteries, they’re forced to come face to face with who they are and who they’ll have to be to survive. Loyalties are tested and sometimes betrayed when not everything is as it seems.

Disruptions is an incredible addition to the already fantastical series. Baldwin does a superb job of building off the world and magic systems already established in Discoveries. Where he truly shines through is his willingness to experiment with everything we thought we knew before. Logan and Carla, as magi, are constantly interacting with the world around them in new, engaging, and creative ways while staying within the bounds of what Discoveries built. Just like predecessors, Disruptions isn’t overbearing in its worldbuilding, either. Instead, Baldwin has a way of gently easing his readers into his realm without overwhelming them with information – a skill I’m sure plenty of fantasy readers can appreciate. The one thing I did struggle with was keeping track of the characters. Because Logan, Junior, and Carla are on such different paths, it becomes hard to keep track of everything happening and who everyone is. Other than that, I truly enjoyed reading Disruptions.

Disruptions is a gripping epic fantasy novel with exciting characters and world-building. Like in Discoveries, each character is well thought out and, most importantly, well-written. This series will keep science fiction readers engaged and excited for the next book, as the action and adventure are unpredictable. I can’t wait to see what Baldwin has in store for us in the third installment.

Pages: 671 | ASIN : B08CRKGN35

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Dimension Guardian

In a world divided into five realms —Demons, Beasts, Darkness, Light, and Humans— that have peacefully lived for centuries, a sudden increase of issues arose, pitting one group against another and shaking the balance that has long been preserved. The Dimension Protection Council discovered that the threats were perpetrated by Guardians, the sworn protectors of all the dimensions, and planned to put a stop to it all by reinstating the Guardian Tournament, where the heroes of the world play their strengths against fellow Guardians, all for the betterment of the realms. Along with the decision came the choice of putting their best Guardians from each realm in a single group, who will serve as the council’s eyes and ears inside the competition. However, as the chosen five all partake in a journey that starts during their preparation and ends with an actual battle, they will soon discover that the competition and the controversies spreading about the realms are just puzzle pieces to a much bigger picture and threat for all.

Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Beasts – The Guardian Tournament, by K.J. Amidon, is an engrossing story that introduces readers to a highly complex world of magic and the politics of it all. While the presence of creatures is nothing new in the fantasy genre, this novel stands out for it starts with a decades-old mystery that was deliberately unpacked throughout the story. Readers with a diverse set of main characters experience ongoing conflict on all sides. They can comprehend the gravity of the situation and how it will affect the entire setting.

The novel’s beginning immediately pulls readers into reading more about the fuss. Each new discovery is devoured with glee as you anticipate what further information they will get on the following pages. With a lot to digest in such a short amount of time, the fact that each scene straightforwardly explained its events makes the story understandable and easier to navigate. The main characters were also well-written in that they were all given ample time to be highlighted in every scene, and readers understood why these characters were wired in a certain way. Despite the age difference between the five, they were all given amusing and relatable traits, gaining audiences’ favor one way or another.

Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Beasts – The Guardian Tournament is a gripping dark fantasy novel that hooks readers from the first chapter and leaves them astounded by its end. It is also an excellent start for a series of books, so readers can be assured that there is more to tell. I highly recommend this for anyone that is a fan of books such as The Hunger Games because they share a common theme of tournaments, and The Shadowhunter Chronicles, for it also tackles race and its conflicts.

Pages: 275 | ASIN : B00CZE0IV0

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Junior, a monster-hunting Scav, is looking for a better hand in life for himself and his little family. Carla, a magi and teacher, wants an end to the War no matter the cost. Logan, a promising young magi, just wants to go home. Set in a dystopian future, a world where humanity has been forced underground in order to survive, Discoveries: Book 1 of the Magicuim Series follows three strangers on their way to Shanghai to find the answers they’ve been looking for and some that they never wanted to find. Beset by monsters known as abominations, through love, loss, and odd friendships, these three will stop at nothing to get what they’re after.

T.N. Baldwin’s debut novel is a thrilling rollercoaster of action and drama that leaves the reader wanting more. While each chapter focuses on one of the three protagonists, they fit together seamlessly. Baldwin lets the puzzle pieces fall into place with each word and creates something much greater than your average fantasy novel.

Beyond the plot, Baldwin also does a masterful job of weaving characters that have been clearly affected by the world around them. Carla’s skepticism of the Open, Junior’s stern care, and even Logan’s naivety all make sense when considering how they were forced to live. All the characters feel like people just doing their best to survive. They’re relatable and realistic, which makes it so much easier to sink into the world that’s being spun. It’s hard not to feel like one of the group.  

For fans of dystopian fantasy, Discoveries is a great addition to the genre. With a thrilling and original plot, realistic characters, magic, and adventure, this book has something for everyone. I can’t wait to follow Junior, Logan, and Carla through their future adventures.

Pages: 567 | ASIN : B086MY91BT

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The Prodigal Daughter

The Prodigal Daughter by Maria Ereni Dampman is a tale of escape and bravery in a dystopian America. Emma and Declan plan an escape, though their attempts to flee the country get complicated when separated. Emma, and her husband, Declan, are expecting their first child and understand the importance of their unborn child. However, once they are separated, their fate becomes uncertain. Emma is recaptured, and the Purity Patrol is seized and confined.

As Emma and Declan’s future together becomes uncertain, the author takes the reader through the labyrinth of a society that doesn’t tolerate dissent. The reader is taken through the underground bunker where Declan is held and how Emma must face a life that’s not in her hands, nor can she determine how to support her child. The Prodigal Daughter is a sequel to Maria Ereni Dampman’s The Governor’s Daughter.

This story uniquely portrays an alternative world, a dystopia where society has regressed so far that the reality of racial and gender equality has vanished completely. Yet, it’s a glimpse into a world that could become a reality if precautions are not taken sooner. This exciting cautionary tale delves into the intense nature of this world and how each character must either navigate this challenging society with limited prospects or try to escape. It’s an engaging read, with lots of action and personal dilemmas that clash with the dystopian rule.

The Prodigal, Daughter by Maria Ereni Dampman is an exciting and suspenseful political dystopian novel. It’s the triumphant tale of people who are deemed “lower class,” though they find a glimmer of hope in a dark world despite their challenges in facing discrimination. It’s an excellent read for anyone who enjoys futuristic and dystopian themes with a thought-provoking plotline.

Pages: 472 | ASIN: B0B54472HQ

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Type B

Type B is set in Cincinnati in 2006. Courier John Davis has worked as a Biological Fluid Courier for Christ Hospital for twenty years. When John began noticing unusual activity, he starts paying attention to the increase in blood tests at the lab. What follows is the discovery of the Sanguis virus, which is responsible for the disease called BARD – B Antigen Resistive Disease. Anyone with a blood type other than type B could die from this disease. John comes up with a daring plan to save his family while the impact of BARD is felt by the entire world.

Type B is a thrilling and fascinating novel that provides readers with detailed scenes, intriguing characters, and uniquely unusual events. Author Steve Mitchell provides a visionary look at what could happen if the world is struck by a fast-acting and lethal disease.

I enjoyed Steve Mitchell’s writing style because it is fast-paced and succinct. I found myself wanting to read more and it was hard to put this book down as it was eerily relatable to current events. Johns character felt authentic and his family also felt realistic. This helps ground this otherwise wild story and propels the story forward in a way that feels like it could happen.

John’s character is intense but he can also be caring and I feel like he really pulls the reader into this thrilling novel. John’s children are also believable characters as they are innocent and unaware of what is going on in the world. It is through them that the reader gets to experience what it would be like to risk family members in such a catastrophe. This brings a surprisingly emotional aspect to a novel that is overtly intense.

There are many scenes throughout the book that are very detailed. If you are a reader that enjoys detailed scenes then you will enjoy the visuals the author creates of the events taking place. The reader is able to feel the intensity and the stress that this virus brings to Cinncinati as the characters in the story either take it seriously or don’t.

Type B is a fascinating and fast-paced medical thriller. In a dystopian society, readers will feel the suspense as John and his family fight for their very survival. This novel is best for mature audiences due to the nature of some of the scenes.

Pages: 285 | ASIN : B08Z738LW2

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Omniscience takes the reader into a world that seems straight out of George Orwell’s 1984. A world ravaged by a war between two superpowers, where the citizens are subjected to total surveillance. Democracy is suspended, and AI robots are tasked with controlling the masses. The story starts with the protagonist’s family being broken up and their lives turned upside down over a travel permit. Refusing to accept that their life can be ripped apart by this authoritarian government, Shareen Miller takes action to protect her children and family.

Author Janine Frances creates a story that revolves around various themes, not the least of which is presenting AI as a force for good. This is in contrast with most of the contemporary literature in which AI is presented as evil. In Omniscience, on the other hand, humans are shown to be much more cruel and heartless than AI. Similarly, another seemingly oxymoronic term used in the story is eco-terrorists, a group of people bent on killing most of humanity to restore the balance of nature.

Although the story is well-crafted it provides a lot of the time for the characters to interact before pushing the story forward. There is a lot of information provided in the book, which adds depth to the world rather than advancing the plot. There are some interesting characters in the book that I would have enjoyed seeing developed further; an example of this would be Nisha, who seems like the type of character that is an unlikely leader. Nevertheless, most of the characters are quite memorable and realistic, and readers will enjoy following them on this adventure.

Omniscience is a thrilling novel that asks the question of what is really best for humanity. The suspense created will have readers on edge following the family as they fight for survival. This young adult book is excellent for all readers of science fiction and dystopian genres.

Pages: 332 | ASIN : B09S32YXMG

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