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Carla is looking for the thing she lost, Blessing for who she is, Logan for what to do next, and Junior for who he’s supposed to be. With the characters still reeling from the events of Disruptions, nothing is what it once was or what it was said to be. In T.N. Baldwin’s third installment of the Magicium series, our beloved, rag-tag group of once hesitant adventurers find themselves buried deeper and deeper in the politics of the war they once sought to end. Disciples is an exciting and thrilling story that delves into the root of who the characters are.

Just like the previous books in the series, Disciples does a fantastic job of building off the already-established plot and characters while managing to bring everything to its full potential. Carla, Logan, Blessing, and Junior all have no choice but to step out of their comfort zones in order to grow. I found myself especially interested in Blessing, a character who I haven’t always loved. At times, it felt like I was reading a coming-of-age novel – definitely an interesting choice for the third book in a series but a choice that paid off immensely. It was a joy to watch the characters that I’d already fallen in love with grow into themselves and navigate the conflicts they were forced into, separated as they were.

Disciples kept me interested in everything while not making things too overwhelming. Disciples is a fantastic follow-up to its predecessors and one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Action, politics, and adventure – it had everything I wanted out of a fantasy novel while keeping me excited for the inevitable reunion in the next book.

Pages: 485 | ASIN : B08QGQKP2B

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T.N. Baldwin is back along with Logan, Carla, Junior, and his full cast of beloved characters in the second book of the Magicium series, Disruptions. Having survived their excursion to Shanghai, the group finds themselves going their separate ways in this action-packed adventure. As each character digs deeper into the world’s mysteries, they’re forced to come face to face with who they are and who they’ll have to be to survive. Loyalties are tested and sometimes betrayed when not everything is as it seems.

Disruptions is an incredible addition to the already fantastical series. Baldwin does a superb job of building off the world and magic systems already established in Discoveries. Where he truly shines through is his willingness to experiment with everything we thought we knew before. Logan and Carla, as magi, are constantly interacting with the world around them in new, engaging, and creative ways while staying within the bounds of what Discoveries built. Just like predecessors, Disruptions isn’t overbearing in its worldbuilding, either. Instead, Baldwin has a way of gently easing his readers into his realm without overwhelming them with information – a skill I’m sure plenty of fantasy readers can appreciate. The one thing I did struggle with was keeping track of the characters. Because Logan, Junior, and Carla are on such different paths, it becomes hard to keep track of everything happening and who everyone is. Other than that, I truly enjoyed reading Disruptions.

Disruptions is a gripping epic fantasy novel with exciting characters and world-building. Like in Discoveries, each character is well thought out and, most importantly, well-written. This series will keep science fiction readers engaged and excited for the next book, as the action and adventure are unpredictable. I can’t wait to see what Baldwin has in store for us in the third installment.

Pages: 671 | ASIN : B08CRKGN35

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The Way We Play God

T N Baldwin Author Interview

Discoveries follows three strangers searching for answers who are all headed for the same place and must work together to survive and save humanity. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I woke one morning, having dreamt of an idea for a novel, and sat down that day to start writing. As the ideas came thick and fast, the scope of the story developed, such that I soon found myself planning a five-book series. Other areas of inspiration came from my home country, my extensive travel experiences, the state of the world and possible outcomes I imagined, as well as my faith.

What was your approach to writing the interactions between characters?

I have always found dialogue the most challenging part of writing, so I often find myself reading it aloud in voices, drawing on my skills as a Drama teacher! The idea that we hide so much in any interaction was really important to me, so I have tried to leave the audience and even the characters doubting one another’s motives – and at times, even their own.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I was (and still am) interested in the way we play God – but when we do, we tend to make selfish and frivolous decisions, both individually and as a society. The idea of this driving humanity into a dystopian situation when we could have done so much good with the power of magicium was important. Other issues like social outrage, the complexities of parent-child relationships and ideas around charismatic personalities and self-doubt shaped the series.

What is the next book in the series that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have released five already: Discoveries, Disruptions, Disciples, Disintegration and Dissidents. Book 6 (as yet untitled) is currently being written and will most likely come out midway through 2023.

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In a post-apocalyptic future, humanity has been forced underground by Abominations, fantasy creatures created through the power of magicium. And when the Abominations rebelled, the secrets of manipulating magicium were lost.
Carla is smothered in secrets. Logan obeys without thinking. Junior regrets every choice he makes. They all want one thing.
All three are in a race to the broken city of Shanghai to recover a prized canister of the magical substance. Determined to brave the Open, each will discover about the lost science of magic on their quest – and will risk being torn apart by their mistakes, past and present.
If you don’t know you’re in a race, how do you know when you’ve won?


Junior, a monster-hunting Scav, is looking for a better hand in life for himself and his little family. Carla, a magi and teacher, wants an end to the War no matter the cost. Logan, a promising young magi, just wants to go home. Set in a dystopian future, a world where humanity has been forced underground in order to survive, Discoveries: Book 1 of the Magicuim Series follows three strangers on their way to Shanghai to find the answers they’ve been looking for and some that they never wanted to find. Beset by monsters known as abominations, through love, loss, and odd friendships, these three will stop at nothing to get what they’re after.

T.N. Baldwin’s debut novel is a thrilling rollercoaster of action and drama that leaves the reader wanting more. While each chapter focuses on one of the three protagonists, they fit together seamlessly. Baldwin lets the puzzle pieces fall into place with each word and creates something much greater than your average fantasy novel.

Beyond the plot, Baldwin also does a masterful job of weaving characters that have been clearly affected by the world around them. Carla’s skepticism of the Open, Junior’s stern care, and even Logan’s naivety all make sense when considering how they were forced to live. All the characters feel like people just doing their best to survive. They’re relatable and realistic, which makes it so much easier to sink into the world that’s being spun. It’s hard not to feel like one of the group.  

For fans of dystopian fantasy, Discoveries is a great addition to the genre. With a thrilling and original plot, realistic characters, magic, and adventure, this book has something for everyone. I can’t wait to follow Junior, Logan, and Carla through their future adventures.

Pages: 567 | ASIN : B086MY91BT

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