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We Are Creating What We Want To Be

Emmanuel Morfoboss Author Interview

Emmanuel Morfoboss Author Interview

Choose a reality… any reality explores how consciousness shapes our reality. Why was this an important book for you to write?

First of all, being a writer is something that I never imagined. My intention to share with everyone all my thoughts, made me start writing. I was always intrigued by the fact that there are countless angles in how everyone translates the concept of health, wealth, and happiness. Every day we see people that they seem to have access to everything they love and also people with a restricted attitude about dealing with their life, their dreams. It is easy for an open-minded person to come to the conclusion that everything is a matter of choice. I strongly believe that our lives obey a universal law which was demonstrated by Newton as the” Law of Action and Reaction”. The secret is when you “choose a reality”, to support as strongly as you can your choice. In my life’s journey, I realized that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. We are not discovering ourselves but we are creating what we want to be.

I appreciated the depth of the discussions in this book and how you incorporate science and philosophy. What kind of research did you undertake for this book?

I wouldn’t call it research. Just my strong interest in that field made me persist in going deeper and deeper. So, one book brought the next and so on. The discoveries of the last decades in Cosmology and Quantum physics, in combination with several philosophical trends gave me the sparkle to try to unify them in a very balanced presentation, not strictly scientific and unapproachable to the most readers but the same time not oversimplified which underestimates the value of the science background.

I found this book to be enlightening. What do you hope readers take away from your book?

I believe that the book will catch the interest not only of the readers interested in quantum physics but for anyone who wants to read about a different approach to life’s perspective. I brought theoretical philosophers and geniuses into one book for any reader to choose the path and reality they would like to adhere by. We ought to ourselves to rely on our willingness and consistency to reach our goals. Choose a reality….any reality is only “a finger pointing the moon” and a prompting that If you can be whatever you choose, why should you choose to be a “copy”?

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am very excited about my next book, and I love talking about it. It is a children’s book and I am in love with the main characters of that book. As you know, English is not my native language. I met great difficulties during the writing and editing in “Choose a reality….any reality”. There was a moment when I decided the next book to be in my mother tongue for experiencing all the fields of my writing skills. Also, I placed a “bet” about unleashing my imagination and explore what I can do. Please allow me not telling any details about the concept of that book at the present moment. Unfortunately, I am not able to tell you when it will be available because in the case of a children’s book, graphic designing is a great factor and it is a field completely unknown.

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Choose a reality....any reality by [Morfoboss, Emmanuel]How many times have you thought of facing life in a totally different way? How many friends, books, and incidents in your everyday life have made you realize, that you are responsible for your own actions? Do you want to change your lifestyle?

In this book, you are given the opportunity to discover how your consciousness forms your world and your reality. It is time to accept that you are the reason, for all circumstances that transpire in your life. You are the actual force, which creates the motion within the universe. You are the one who directs all universal forces and develops the desires of your imagination.
In this “presentation”, you are offered the opportunity to reflect on yourself, as a forum of wholeness, because you do, in fact, have all the qualities and abilities of “One Universal Force”.

It is time to come to the realization of the famous phrase, “I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me”. It is time to be an “El Mago” (wizard) in embracing your life with all the magic, which is accompanied by the most powerful force of the universe, “LOVE”.

Love thyself, for all things, whereas, when you think about them, your heart begins to beat faster. You are given an opportunity to reevaluate the fundamental principles, which define all human kind, for creating a life as a piece of art, which ultimately is completely blissful.

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Choose a Reality… Any Reality

Choose a reality....any reality by [Morfoboss, Emmanuel]

You will always be told to keep a positive outlook on things. It is possible for a person to change the trajectory of their own life by sheer will and determination. A person’s consciousness plays a big role in determining their relationship with the universe. This phenomenon has been talked about for eons. Rarely do people venture into the root of it to try and discern how it could be so. Emmanuel Morfoboss has used philosophical insight and scientific elements to analyze the idea that reality can be reformed or formed by consciousness.

Choose a Reality… Any Reality takes a unique path and brings a whole new method of preaching. The author has done a good job of decreasing the amount of qualitative elements by including science in the book. Through the various insights of some of the greatest philosophers, the reader will be gradually convinced that they truly bend the universe to their will, so to speak. While some faith and affirmations are present in the book, they are not as prominent as the science and philosophy.

This book has a personal touch as the author has written it in the first person narrative. You get to understand his motivation for wanting to explore this phenomenon. You get to see the progression from mere curiosity to seeking answers to the various questions. From this the reader can relate to the story and the author thus makes understanding the material a little easier. There is evidence of extensive research in science and philosophy as well as other related disciplines.

Short paragraphs and simple language adorn the pages of this book. Despite the subject being so heavy and complex, the writing and language are light and presented in easily digested bits. The prose is clean and crisp. While the material is fairly clear and presented with unrelenting diligence I think that the book can benefit from a good line editor. This is a complex subject. It has many layers to it and requires a lot of concentration. Therefore the reader has to be attentive right from the beginning lest they risk getting lost in the intricate web.

This book provides understanding of the universe and the need for constant positivity as a means of directing forces in the universe. It is an engaging book that imparts knowledge and wisdom. This book does not direct your life, it simply talks about the relationship between a person’s thoughts and the forces that impact their life.

Pages: 68 | ASIN: B07VMN51NP

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