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Explore Yourself with 100+ Keys

Explore Yourself with 100+ Keys gives you hope to face the day and the confidence to tackle the challenges life throws at you. The keys in the book are short texts of encouragement and quotes that everyone wants to hear when they are going through a difficult time. In his way, the author makes the reader feel valuable to society and the people around them. His kind words will make one appreciate life and choose to see the positive side of things. Veera Surampudi understands human psychology and uses words that are not only benefiting but also restorative to struggling souls.

The best thing about this book is the arrangement of the quotes. The inspirational words are enclosed in squares, and cover a whole page, making one focus on the specific words used before going to the next page. The quotes are easy to remember and have very few words. The quotes in the book make one reflect on their life and think of what to change. Reading this book will make you improve various things in your life. You will be a great listener, you will learn how to keep time, you will respect others more and you will work harder to achieve your goals among other things.

Veera Surampudi’s solutions are practical. The author analyzed different situations people go through and helped create a solution through multiple texts. Explore Yourself With 100+ Keys is a great read for people who feel lost in life and are trying to get their purpose. The author wrote this book thinking of the harsh realities and how they break people. One may feel defeated in life, but the failure of one thing does not mean the end of another. There is always a way out of a problem. Through this book, the reader learns the importance of being open-minded and true to self.

Two of my favorite quotes in the book are ‘Find satisfaction in what you are doing, not what you are gaining’, and ‘Directly or indirectly, someone can be your enemy. Never be an enemy of yourself in any situation no matter what it is.’ Reading through this book will make you understand how different people are. Veera Surampudi has different nuggets of wisdom that can help people through different stages of life. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy inspirational texts and words of reassurance from thoughtful authors. This book can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. The text in the book can be applied by both children and adults.

Pages: 160 | ISBN:1659082749

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