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Frankie the Ferret

Frankie the Ferret by [Kimberley Paterson]

Frankie the Ferret is a wonderful children’s picture book that will help young readers learn what it is like to have a ferret as a pet. Readers get to see all of the different types of activities that ferrets enjoy. The story is told through beautiful narrative illustrations and simple rhymes that really bring this story, and Frankie, to life.

I have never had a ferret for a pet, so I found this book immensely helpful in understanding what to expect if I were to have a pet ferret. This could also be helpful for children who are also thinking of having a ferret as a pet. It’s a simple introduction to the life of a ferret and the different types of mischief he can get into. This is a creative story for new readers that will help build vocabulary skills as much of the text is depicted throughout he story and the rhymes are simple and effective.

This is a fun and educational story that parents will love reading with their children. With plenty of charming images of Frankie in various states of play, readers will sure enjoy reading this book more than once, or just flipping through the pages to giggle at Frankie.

Pages: 13 | ASIN: B08CY2HF59

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