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Frankie Stealing Socks

Kimberley   Paterson
Kimberley Paterson Author Interview

Frankie the Ferret is a children’s picture book that teaches kids about the joy of having a ferret as a pet. What inspired you to write a story about Frankie?

Frankie the Ferret was our beloved pet for nine years and as my children were more active outside of our home, Frankie and I developed a special bond. This book outlines what it was like in a day of a ferret. Since most children have dogs or cats, I felt it would be nice to show everyone what a pet ferret is really like. My grandchildren did not get the chance to meet Frankie, they asked many questions about him so I wrote this book, dedicated it to my grandchildren so that they would see what Frankie was really like.

There are so many funny scenes in this book. My favorite was the scene of Frankie stealing the socks. What was your favorite scene from the book?

Frankie stealing socks is my favorite scene too, it was so cute to see him dragging the socks out of the laundry basket and running backwards dragging the socks with him. He loved to hide them under the couch, he always had quite the collection. We always knew where to find our socks if they were missing! Eventually, we bought him a few pairs of socks that he could call his own.

This book is dedicated to the memory of Frankie the ferret. Do you think ferrets are a good pet for children to have?

Ferrets are a great pet for children but not the younger ones. They are very smart, lovable and very funny but like all pets, they are a big responsibility and a lot of work to take care of. They are little escape artists so their time out of their cage should be inside a ferret enclosure with their toys, water, food and kitty litter pan to keep them safe.

Do you have other books planned featuring Frankie?

At this time, there is no sequel book about Frankie in the works.

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Do you have a pet? Maybe a dog, or a cat, or a gold fish? Lots of people do, but not many people have a pet like Frankie the Ferret. A lovable, mischievous, and comical little fellow, Frankie fills his family home with love and laughter, and his family wants to share that with you!

Do you want to meet him? Then let’s go!

Frankie the Ferret

Frankie the Ferret by [Kimberley Paterson]

Frankie the Ferret is a wonderful children’s picture book that will help young readers learn what it is like to have a ferret as a pet. Readers get to see all of the different types of activities that ferrets enjoy. The story is told through beautiful narrative illustrations and simple rhymes that really bring this story, and Frankie, to life.

I have never had a ferret for a pet, so I found this book immensely helpful in understanding what to expect if I were to have a pet ferret. This could also be helpful for children who are also thinking of having a ferret as a pet. It’s a simple introduction to the life of a ferret and the different types of mischief he can get into. This is a creative story for new readers that will help build vocabulary skills as much of the text is depicted throughout he story and the rhymes are simple and effective.

This is a fun and educational story that parents will love reading with their children. With plenty of charming images of Frankie in various states of play, readers will sure enjoy reading this book more than once, or just flipping through the pages to giggle at Frankie.

Pages: 13 | ASIN: B08CY2HF59

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