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Fugitive Mage

Following their success in the provincial dragon boat races, Mage Everand and Lamiya find themselves firmly and irrevocably in love. As they continue their journey together, it is clear that their paths are deeply intertwined. Although they just want some time to be together, events seem to separate the two of them again and again, from kidnapping to old loyalties. With the mages of his homeland expecting his return and a half-mage wreaking havoc in the provinces, Everand must choose his allegiance and deal with the consequences of being torn between multiple worlds. Meanwhile, Lamiya’s power grows, and she learns more about her destiny as more than just a caller of birds.

Fugitive Mage by Kaaren Sutcliffe is an action-packed story of escape, subterfuge, and romance. The characters are all likable and complex, with their own varying motivations. The reader can also feel sympathy toward those who had bad intentions in the past. In a marvelous feat of character development, those who were initially framed as enemies become allies or those in need of protection. The landscape is full of magic, lore, and river dragons while staying intensely human and relatable. Throughout all of this, Sutcliffe is able to create an atmospheric setting in which to continue with the second book of the series.

Overall, Fugitive Mage by Kaaren Sutcliffe is an engaging and entertaining read which is fast-paced and packed full of exciting events and plot twists without being overwhelming. The content is well-written and delightful to read. Moreover, the storyline is always accompanied by a light-hearted touch, even when the events themselves get serious. I would highly recommend Fugitive Mage for those looking for an action-packed fantasy that constantly keeps the reader on their toes.

Pages: 428 | ASIN : B0BY6QV6SV

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