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The LGBTQ+ community has made significant strides in achieving greater rights and acceptance in the United States. However, anti-gay attitudes still persist in certain pockets of the country, particularly in small towns located in the south. This can force individuals to remain in the closet, fearing the potential backlash from family, friends, and the community at large. Enter Redmond Cole, the protagonist in Courtney Maguire’s captivating novel Drive. Redmond lives in a tiny town in Texas and has yet to come out of the closet. He spends his days working at a garage and caring for his sister, Katie. But his life takes an unexpected turn when he meets two men, Victor Itachi, a wealthy man, and Sean, the only openly gay man in town.

As Redmond begins to engage in sexual and romantic relationships, he is forced to confront his true feelings and question his happiness with his current situation. Courtney Maguire brings to life the difficulties of being gay in a small town and Redmond’s journey toward self-discovery and acceptance. The intimate scenes between Redmond and Victor are both sensual and realistic, showcasing the growth and development of Redmond’s character as he navigates this new territory. Maguire expertly portrays the challenges and complexities of being a gay man in a conservative town while also highlighting the importance of love and acceptance.

Overall, Drive by Courtney Maguire is a captivating and sensual portrayal of the realities faced by many LGBTQ+ individuals living in conservative towns. It is a compelling story of growth, self-discovery, and acceptance that will leave readers both moved and entertained. I highly recommend this book.

Pages: 238 | ASIN : B0BTMMZWZN

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