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Gotham Kitty

Gotham Kitty by Ann Greyson is a sci-fi novel that takes place in Tanzania. Throughout this novel readers are introduced to a lot of unique characters, but the most mysterious was the feline-human-like species that crashed on earth after escaping a threatening species called the Brozians. Helpless and not sure of how to get home, a zoologist named Allison Banes comes to her aid. While Allison is obsessed with studying the alien, those in the village around her are taunted by an evil spirit like curse that gives an ominous air to the story.

This is an enthralling science fiction story with a unique setup. I was just as intrigued as the characters were when trying to figure out what new life has entered their world. The author exceptionally weaves two plots together to create a rich and engrossing story. I was expecting a bit more of a supernatural feel to the story but, besides the extraterrestrial life, the story is fairly grounded and feels like a story focused on characters rather than wild sci-fi ideas. This helps readers build a strong connection to the characters, but I would have liked to have seen Gotham Kitty given a voice.

The story is told from constantly alternating points of views that give readers a well rounded understanding of what’s going on in the story and ensures readers know the motivations of all the characters, but I would have enjoyed staying with Allison’s point of view a bit longer as I found her character to be intriguing. It all eventually comes together in the end with a great cliffhanger. I believe adding the conflict between the villagers and the evil spirit gave this story a great twist.

Gotham Kitty is a fantastic story that feels much more like a drama rather than a straight science fiction or paranormal story. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy character driven stories with hints of supernatural and sci-fi elements that color the story rather than take it over.

Pages: 352 | ISBN: 0578705060

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