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All Things Are Possible

Michelle Wagner Author Interview

Mickey on the Move Farming follows a young boy with Cochlear Implants that gets Aqua Cochlear so that he can now enjoy activities without fear of them getting wet. What was the inspiration for your story?

That all things are possible. It took Cochlear over 20 years to develop the Aqua device. When my son was first implanted he could not hear me or other children while swimming. He always feared getting his “computer ears wet in the rain and it took the fun out of a lot of summer activities. 

The art in this book is fantastic. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Jenny Phelps?

After first writing the book I reviewed dozens of artists’ drawings of our characters. Jenny Phelps was great right off the bat. She not only is an amazing artist she has a gift of portraying our emotions as well.

What is one thing that people point out after reading your book that surprises you?

Everyone has a lot of gratitude. So many people out there (still today ) have never heard of the cochlear implant. It is educating not only for children, but adults as well. For people that do know what they are, typically do not know what an intense surgery is or how long it takes to activate and recover.

Will there be more Mickey on the Move books, and if so when will they be available?

Yes, absolutely. Mickey is a super passionate and curious 14 year old. He is always exploring, eager for a new adventure and loves sports. I think it will be a very long series following him into his adult years. 

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He and his mom take pride in farming and gardening together, doing everything from raising chickens to growing delicious fruits and vegetables in their backyard orchard.
Mickey, who was born with deafness in both ears, has overcome obstacles to fully enjoy the great outdoors.
His Aqua Cochlear implants allow him to hear and appreciate the beautiful sounds in nature without the worry of weather dampening his day!
Join Mickey for another adventure!

Mickey on the Move Farming

A young boy is born with deafness in both ears, he wants to do all the things that children with hearing do though. His family gets him Cochlear implants but they can not get wet. He enjoys life on the farm and his dad’s wine vineyard helping out, especially helping with the chickens. However, things like swimming and playing in the rain are impossible because his implants will get broken if they get wet. Keeping his ears dry can be challenging when there are things like sprinklers, water for the animals, and unpredictable rain storms.

Then one day he gets Aqua Cochlear and his life changes! These new implants can get wet! Now he can play in the rain, go swimming, and no longer has to worry about getting his ears wet. Being on the farm has never been so much fun.

Mickey on the Move Farming by Michelle Wagner and illustrated by Jenny Phelps is a touching story about a little boy that has his life improved with Aqua Cochlear. This picture book explains to children what a Cochlear implant device is and does so in a way that is easy to understand for even young kids. The simple explanations accompanied by the creative and colorful illustrations will help children to understand what the Cochlear device is. Mickey goes on adventures many children enjoy from fishing and swimming to playing in the rain.

The thing that parents and teachers will love about this book is that it explains how special needs children are still normal kids. They sometimes have the medical equipment to help them do the things other children do. It does not mean they do not desire to have the same fun and adventures as their classmates and friends. This is a wonderful way to teach inclusion and diversity to younger elementary-age students.

Pages: 38 | ASIN : B0B33N3TGF

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