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Reflections of Intimacy

Author Jewel Mensah takes readers on a photojournalistic exploration of intimacy and its different forms. Reflections of Intimacy helps readers take a deeper look at intimacy, understand the different levels, how we perceive it, and what it means to us.

Jewel Mensah takes a deep dive into intimacy and shows readers that there are many ways to be intimate and that the word does not need to be framed within the confines of an act. The act of being intimate is the act of being vulnerable and we do this through music, dancing, art, and by showing a piece of us that is private.

The author helps the reader view the word intimacy in a different light and I realized that the word is not just an act with another person but is the more private parts within myself. The author includes images in the book of a variety of intimate moments, some contain nudity, but all of them show the beauty of the intimate moments we all have. The combination of Jewel’s words along with these thought-provoking images makes the entire subject feel profound.

There were several times while reading that I stopped to reflect on what I had just read. This is certainly a fascinating book that expanded my view on this subject. Mensah’s knowledge and research on the topic shows throughout her book and is a perfect read for anyone who wants to open their mind and understand intimacy better. For me, I see intimacy in a completely different way now.

I highly recommend Reflections of Intimacy to those who are looking to explore a new and broader range of intimacy. This is an enlightening book that explores a beautiful topic in an intelligent and thoughtful way.

Pages: 96 | ISBN: 0578922835

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