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Baby Out of Wedlock

Baby Out of Wedlock: Co-Parenting Basics from Pregnancy to Custody by [Jim and Jessica Braz]
Co-parenting is not easy especially for unmarried parents. So how does one go about it without a hassle? Jim and Jessica Braz have answers to all the questions that involve co parenting. The authors write from their own experiences and give solid advice. One major lesson that I picked up from this book is that the children’s interests should come first no matter the issues at hand. The reader gets to learn a bit about Jim and Jessica at the beginning of the book. Jim narrates his story as well as Jessica’s and one gets to share the mistakes both made while young. Both Jim and Jessica had children with people they were not married to. From their stories, one can conclude that it is not a pleasant experience to not be on talking terms with the person you are expecting to have a child with.

Baby out of Wedlock is the right book for you if you are expecting a child with someone you have no intentions of settling with. The authors are friendly, honest and make the reader feel like they are not alone. Carrying a pregnancy to full term is challenging and that is why women are advised to have their partners with them when pregnant. If your circumstances are however different, the authors advise not to feel lonely. I like the fact that Jim preached about being positive even in distressing situations. The author has a way with words and will make every mother expecting a child out of wedlock to not feel alone. Jim advises against thinking of the pregnancy as a mistake if things fail to work out with your partner. The authors are practical and share nuggets of wisdom for both young and seasoned co parents.

Another major lesson in the book was about child custody and finances. Discussions revolving around money are not easy to have. While sharing the custody of a child however, it is important to lay out a firm financial plan and get to communicate with the other parent how the child’s upkeep will be taken care of. I appreciate Jim for telling it as it is, that money talks are difficult and can drive one to the edge. The author gets real with every situation and even gives disclaimers when discussing. Legal battles are another thing that mint money from both parents. The authors advise that one gets a family lawyer, and not just any lawyer when faced with custody battles. This will help you get the correct advice and save you tons of money as not every lawyer knows how to give counsel on custody battles.

Baby out of Wedlock is a short book that talks about almost all the scenarios that could happen when you get pregnant with or impregnate the wrong person. The authors use facts and statistics to support their arguments and share words of encouragement for readers that are in the situations discussed in the book.

Pages: 176 | ASIN: B092Z1GC6D

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