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Hard Work, Desire, and Hope

John L Shabaya
John L Shabaya Author Interview

An Incredible Journey is an exceptional biography of your path from a mud hut in Kenya to Cambridge University. Why was this an important book for you to write?

For a long time I was challenged and encouraged by my family, especially my daughters Rose, Rehema and Sagina, friends and whoever heard my story, to write my story. It was important for me to write it, because I felt and believed it would be an inspiration and affirmation that with sheer determination, hard work, desire and hope, much of what you dream and aspire, is possible.

I appreciated the candid nature with which you told your story. What were some ideas that were important for you to share?

My story is a chronicle of my struggles, hardships and determination. Born in rural colonial Kenya, failed my basic exams, ended up in a renowned, world class, prestigious University of Cambridge, UK, knowing where I came from, knowing my ability and seizing opportune moments, as they emerged and whenever they emerged in my life, was significant and worthy sharing with others as an inspiration.

What do you wish was one piece of advice someone would have given you when you were young?

The one piece of advice I would have wished someone gave me, when I was young, would have been, ‘John, you can fail basic exams and succeed later, you can fall and rise up again, just endeavour to do your best, develop problem and challenge solving skills, and all will be well, as life is full of challenges.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your story?

The book depicts my struggles against all odds: poverty, ignorance, and even experiences of racism, all transformed into positive anecdotes. The focus of my story is to motivate the reader to dream, desire, to strive relentlessly, pursue and realise aspired dreams. My story affirms, with desire and determination, much of what you dream and aspire, is possible. Though it is a unique story, its themes of hard work, struggle,, success, are universal and relevant to readers of all ages.

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Read the incredible journey of John L Shabaya – an educator with an MA and PGCE from the University of Cambridge, a history of extensive travel, and a passion for charity work: The voice of a village boy from Kenya…HEARING OTHERS’ VOICES

An Incredible Journey

An incredible journey: From a mud hut to Cambridge (HEARING OTHERS’ VOICES Book 21) by [John L Shabaya]

John L. Shabaya has led an amazing life full of both challenges and triumphs. Born in Kenya and raised in a culture that offered him little chance to hope for a college education, Shabaya was able to overcome virtually every obstacle placed in his path and achieve the dream many never reach. His story is one that makes readers think deeply about the injustices faced by young people in cultures outside of their own. He brings to light prejudices in educational systems the world over, and he gives young people hope as they strive to create their own futures in a world full of challenges.

An Incredible Journey: From Mud Hut to Cambridge, an autobiography by John L. Shabaya, details the fascinating success of the author and follows his life from his birth in Kenya to his life as a college-educated pastor, world traveler, founder of a school, and educator in his own right. Shabaya’s story is an amazing testament to the benefit of an education and what sheer determination and hard work can do. After reading Shabaya’s truly incredible life story, I have been brought back down to earth about many of the problems I think I have. Everyone needs to read a story like Shabaya’s once in a while to be truly humbled.

As a teacher, I was moved to tears reading of the author’s experiences in elementary school. It is reprehensible to imagine the treatment he and countless others endured at the hands of so-called educators. It’s a thousand wonders any child makes it out of a school like that with their wits intact. His ability to express his pain is unmatched and his writing eloquent. Readers can only imagine the pain endured by Shabaya, but his writing now provides readers everywhere with a clear picture of the true story that played out (and continues to do so) in schools everywhere. Children all over the globe are fighting battles most of us will never realize, and Shabaya sheds light on the horror while at the same time showing us the light at the end of the tunnel.

Autobiographies are always fascinating reads, but Shabaya’s story is somehow different. There is a lesson to be learned about determination and self-respect in Shabaya’s life story. I think we can always learn something from others, and John L. Shabaya gives readers the perfect opportunity to learn from his successes, his trials, and his steadfastness. I highly recommend Shabaya’s book to anyone who enjoys autobiographies, but especially to educators.

Pages: 289 | ASIN: B08G5DFS7B

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