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Life-Changing Leadership Habits

We have all seen the results of poor leadership, whether it has been in a school system, in the workplace, or in local or state government. There is nothing worse than being under the leadership of a person or team who does not have the best interests of the organization at heart. Developing the habits of a great leader is integral to creating and sustaining a successful business and maintaining relationships that benefit not only the goal of the organization but each member within as well. Dr. Jeff Doolittle offers readers a master list of life-changing habits in one neat reference tool that leaders can put to use immediately within their organizations.

Life-Changing Leadership Habits, by Dr. Jeff Doolittle, is an excellent handbook that provides business owners and executives the needed tools for developing effective leadership methods and kicking the bad habits that may be holding them back. This book is organized into three easy-to-follow parts that may be read cover-to-cover or easily bookmarked and referenced as needed. Doolittle’s work focuses heavily on character and values, which sets his work apart from other self-help books in this arena.

As someone who is often asked to take over tasks in my school and lead groups of educators, I found Doolittle’s book to be invaluable. One of the most striking notions set forth by the author deals with practice and the importance of having privacy when practicing new and challenging tasks. Having a support system in place when learning new tasks is essential to success, and nowhere is this more evident than in schools. I was impressed with Doolittle’s presentation of this aspect of leadership–it truly hit home.

In addition, Doolittle boldly addresses the role of failure within an organization. He emphasizes the fact that failures should be embraced, leaders should practice vulnerability, and risk-taking should be rewarded. All of these ideas make for a more comfortable work environment. However, no one among us can avoid failure, and learning to create a more supportive environment is paramount to success. Doolittle’s writing is clear on these points.

I am giving Life-Changing Leadership Habits, by Dr. Jeff Doolittle, 5 out of 5 stars. I can see Doolittle’s work as a beneficial addition to any workplace. In fact, as far as required readings go, this book would also make a fantastic reading for school leaders. So many of the principles set forth by Doolittle apply to various workplaces. I highly recommend this book to anyone in a leadership position, no matter the level or organization.

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