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To Understand Myself Better

Loreen de Kort
Loreen de Kort Author Interview

Notes on the Train takes readers on a journey of self-discovery through a collection of expressive poetry that explores the various struggles people face in life. Why was this an important collection for you to publish?

Putting my thoughts out was very important to me because I feel that if there are others out there with the same feelings and the same thoughts, they need to know there are others that share their thoughts and they are not alone in the struggle. It’s oftentimes the feeling of aloneness that is the hardest to bear.

I really enjoyed how eloquent and striking the poems were. What inspires you to write poetry?

I am inspired by my family whose unending support makes it possible for me to feel confident in putting myself out there in the ethos and letting my thoughts speak.

What are some themes you often find yourself gravitating towards while writing?

I find myself writing most often on feelings of aloneness and self-evaluation. As I work through the inner struggles I have on a day to day basis, I write my thoughts to understand myself better.

My favorite poem from this collection is ‘Hitting and Missing’. Do you have a favorite poem from this book?

In fact Hitting and Missing is my favorite poem also. I feel very strongly about being a mother and grandmother. My life has been enriched beyond descrption by having my children in my life and I wanted to capture some of what I was feeling in words.

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From a talking pigeon to a mirror that sees all, Notes on the Train brings you closer to the author’s struggle with depression and change through the landscape of life. Not all battles are fought with weapons of war. Some battles rage within the mind and soul and take no prisoners. This book is a collection of poems and prose written by the author on her journey of self-discovery.
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