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Make it a Double: More poems from my 10-year bender inside heaven’s dive bar

Make it a Double: More poems from my 10-year bender inside heaven's dive bar (Bar Poems) by [Randall McNair, Graye Smith, Jessica Berbey]

Make it a Double contains gritty but stirring poetry that is as observant as it is emotive. By sharing events and encounters in the authors life, Randall McNair gives the reader an insight into what goes on in an alcoholic’s mind. His thoughts are intriguing, scary, fascinating, but mostly wild. This poetry book reads like no other. As a poet, Randall McNair knows how to keep his audience engaged. The tales he shares are intriguing and get one to not only reflect on their lives but also question some of the things that have been considered a norm. I enjoyed reading this book mostly because I felt like I was walking in a stranger’s shoes, a stranger whom I would want to befriend because of how he views life. Reading Make it a Double was a delight. This book introduced me to an interesting sub category of poems; bar poems.

Make It a Double is divided into five parts; ‘The Status Quo’, ‘The Descent’, ‘Death in the Middle’, ‘The Rising’, and ‘Return with the Elixir’. Each of the sections explores different stages in the poet’s life, what he was going through, his missteps, wins, and lessons learned. I appreciate Randall McNair for how he classified the different parts of the book. You are able to enjoy the poems as you follow his story. One thing that stands out in McNair’s writing is how he simplifies everything for his audience. Poems do not need to be complex or complicated to be enjoyed. The author uses simple text with comprehensible wording.

Make It a Double sometimes reads like a memoir. The tales in the book are enlightening, and funny. I appreciate Randall McNair’s sense of humor as his funny texts made the reading experience very enjoyable. The author talks about different encounters; some happy, sad, pitiful, funny, or even crazy to imagine. Randall McNair knows how to kill boredom and balance moods in his poem. There is no single poem in the book that was boring thanks to the author’s engaging approach.

Bar stories never sounded so good. By reading Make it a Double, you get to understand what happens in bars even if you are a teetotaler. You will think of that lone drinker, the party animal, the social drinker or the quiet drinker at home. This book will crack you up and also expose you to a different world where strangers get to share what they struggle with everyday.

Pages: 113 | ASIN: B08W4W6LGR

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