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Modern Day Philosopher

Modern Day Philosopher is a collection of poems written by Eve Chilicas. There is a nice variety in both the style of the poem and the length. This short collection features philosophical poems that really make the reader think, emotional and touching poems, and poems that come across as autobiographical.

This is an emotionally stirring and thought-provoking collection of poetry that I heartily enjoyed. The switch in poetry style and length helped to mix up the offerings enough that they each felt different but equally potent.

Some of the poems were lyrical and emotionally touching. For instance, “Secret Urchin” really made me feel the emotions of being alone deeply and profoundly. Imagery is done well too, in “First Dawn’s Light,” another one of my favorite poems, you can see the picture of the sun and the light in your mind. There were also emotionally resonant poems like “Abuse” and “It Is Getting Harder to Breathe.”

Readers who enjoy artistic poetry that feels substantive and relevant then you will certainly enjoy this eclectic set. Modern Day Philosopher uses beautiful imagery and emotive language to deliver sublime poetry.

Pages: 88 | ISBN: 161566551X

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