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My Key Fits Every Door: If the Key Fits…

Private investigator Mark Taylor receives a call from the manager of a pricey Hollywood hotel offering him a job. That phone call throws him into a swirling murder case with many knots and angles as Taylor is asked to find the murderer of one of the hotel’s residents. His task becomes even more complicated as someone tries to frame him for the deaths of two hotel staff linked to the case. As the P.I. works his way through the layers of the case and finds that his own life is also in danger. Several suspects pop up, including the elegant Meredith Morgan who has Taylor’s heart in her palms, the shady Hymie Hillman, a Hollywood actor and even the hotel manager. With seemingly unrelated fragments of clues lying around, Taylor must piece them together and find the killer before someone else dies.

Author Dennis Louis Dyer’s My Key Fits Every Door delivers a riveting mystery novel dripping with cunning and humor. Dennis Dyer finds the right balance between exciting and puzzling. He pulls this off by telling his story with lighthearted and free-flowing language.

Dyer’s writing style gives the book a distinct but appealing feel. He uses shocking comparisons and metaphors that were consistently creative and intriguing. They are novel enough to interest you but include familiar elements that won’t have you scratching your head. Some will stop you in your tracks and make you smile. Others will make you throw your head back in laughter.

The author also knows how to inject witty personality into his characters that lends the story some authenticity. The main character for example is a smug, good-looking, eccentric detective who has a way with ladies. He’s the kind of man that would zig when you expect him to zag.

Readers are sent on, what feels like, a wild goose chase as the author expertly opens up many plausible channels and leaves you wondering which one leads to the answers we seek. It’s multi-layered crime fiction story that kept me guessing.

My Key Fits Every Door is an intellectually invigorating whodunit story with ever compelling characters, a mystery that is messy but coherent, and a satisfying ending. Fans of crime or mystery fiction will find plenty to enjoy in Dennis Louis Dyer’s riveting murder mystery.

Pages: 214 | ISBN: 1977239978

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