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Atypical of the ‘Thriller’ Genre

Al E. Boy
Al E. Boy Author Interview

Little Girl Scream follows a hotelier who must find a killer lurking in her hotel before he strikes again. What was the inspiration for the mystery at the heart of your story?

We wanted to write a thriller absent of the usual tropes and cliches. We were trying for a scene and situation somewhat atypical of the ‘thriller’ genre. Foremost in our objectives was to create a relationship between the two main characters wherein they did not end up romantically involved by the end of the story. Sort of a: “Yes. A man and a woman can be great friends who admire and respect each other.”

I loved the relationship between Dale and Sofia. What were some ideas that guided their character relationship?

The references in the book to the witty dialogue and ‘slightly combative’ repartee of the golden age of movies was something we both wanted to embody in Sofia and Mathis. In a sense, they are a little like Butch and Sundance from ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” in that while they do make the odd pithy and even disparaging remark, the duo do genuinely care for one another and will willingly risk their life for the other.

What was the writing collaboration process like with co-author F. Carod?

While I live in South Korea, F. Carod actually lives in Cancun. She’s a wealth of information that was put to great use in the development of the story. We’d write excerpts, post them in a ‘private’ Facebook page we created, give our critiques, do rewrites and revisions, etc., etc, until we were satisfied we had what we were after. It was a low process that took a while, but I think I speak for both myself and my co-author when I suggest we both learned a great deal from one another in the process. Lastly, modern technology is wonderful. It’s remarkable two individuals on either side of the globe can write a book together without having ever met.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

There are three books in the series. The second takes up a few months later with Sofia and Mathis living in Guadalajara. Her father is a wealthy hotel magnate, and he allotted them plots of land on his huge family compound to build homes with some of the money Tiara Tillman gave them. At the close of Book 1, when they watched Chief Ricardo’s press conference on TV, and he stated every person connected to Tillman would be hunted down, Mathis mused the man may be inviting trouble. Truer words were never spoken. But the trouble follows our faithful friends, as well.

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Absolutely nothing can compare to the Hotel Amatista, Cancun’s premier luxury resort. The jewel in her family’s chain of 5 star hotels, Sofia Hernández is in charge, and the young woman takes great pride when she hears guests remark the hotel makes them feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s been happening lately, Young guests vanish, only to turn up the next day…abused, tortured…and dead. Sofia suddenly has her hands full dealing with police investigations, trying to ease her guests’ fears, and doing her best to save the Amatista’s reputation. And, with no way of knowing if the sadistic culprit is a hotel employee or a guest, stopping the killings will be no easy task. With the help of Dale Mathis, a visiting English professor, she is able to thwart further abductions and murders, but her interference draw the ire of the sinister mastermind who decides Sofia must pay for her boldness. To make matters even worse, her new friend becomes the number one suspect of the Cancun police.

Last Night in Sturgis

Last Night in Sturgis by [JJ  Spain]

Last Night in Sturgis written by JJ Spain is the first book in a Mike Salas detective series. The novel follows Salas’ journey as he hunts for a killer who is attending the largest motorcycle rally in the world with over one million riders.

The eventual setting of Last Night in Sturgis is predictably, Sturgis, South Dakota. Prior to this, the setting rolls through various towns and cities across the United States on the way to Sturgis. The descriptions are rich and colorful and immediately draw the reader into the story. Author JJ Spain describes the natural landscapes and cities in detail; however the most vivid descriptions are saved for the numerous motorcycles in the book! Descriptions include visual sights, smells and sounds, which all serve to give this contemporary mystery novel an authentic feel.

There are a large number of characters in Last Night in Sturgis including vivid descriptions of all the characters physical appearances and even their clothing. The free flowing dialogue also helps to differentiate the many varied characters. The two main characters are described in complete detail, which really delivers a complete portrait of our protagonist. Detective Salas’ character is further developed through his somewhat dubious actions, his sharp dialogue and interactions with other characters – particularly his partner – a new police officer named Ronnie. Albert, the character Salas is searching for is also well developed, and I really enjoyed the insight we get into his dark and disturbed mindset. This is given through monologue in the chapters he narrates which provides variation to the tone and atmosphere of the story. His motivation and fixation on the past lead him on a journey with far reaching consequences.

The storyline is easy to follow, which is a benefit since the various colorful characters pull you in many directions, but the mystery at the heart of the story is still alluring.

Last Night in Sturgis is an entertaining crime fiction novel. The setting is richly described with numerous intriguing characters and a plot that follows a traditional structure but has enough twists and turns that transforms this standard murder mystery into a riveting crime thriller.

Pages: 241 | ASIN: B08WJKQDG1

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Misadventures Memoirs: Little Girl Scream

Misadventures Memoirs: Little Girl Scream by Al E. Boy and F. Carod is a murder mystery set in the premium luxury resort, Hotel Amatista in Cancun. It centers around two main characters, Sofia Hernández, a woman in charge of many of the hotel’s facilities, and Dale Mathis, a visiting professor. The paths of these two intriguing characters intertwine when hotel guests start going missing to then be found tortured and murdered. They both must work together to find and stop the culprit.

The two protagonists are the highlight of the book, personally. Mathis is a simple English professor, but he holds a strong, unmovable personality where he doesn’t take nonsense from anyone but will call out someone’s faults immediately, which proved to be very entertaining. Sofia, on the other hand, is a dedicated and diligent hotel worker but where she shined was in the more casual settings that would reveal her to have a more teasing and eccentric side to her. Pairing the two of them up like this caused for amusing scenes that offered a break from the heavier aspects of the novel.

At first glance, Misadventures Memoirs: Little Girl Scream seems to be a horror novel with mystery elements, but it turns out to be more of a thriller mystery. Authors Al. E Boy and F. Carod play to the strengths of the mystery novel with interesting dialogue scenes where you could never really tell who was speaking the truth and the detective-like Mathis confronting those he thought were. I think the opening scene misrepresented the tone of the novel as a whole, however, since it started aggressively and gruesomely and gave off the impression that the novel would be more violent. This was smoothed out eventually though and didn’t impact the experience. The hotel setting feels like it is a throw-back to classic ‘whodunnits’ novels, although this has a unique resort culture and Boy and Carod avoid the usual clichés. In the end the mystery at the heart of the story was alluring and getting to the truth revealed a number of dark, surprising plot twists with a satisfying ending and culprit reveal.

Boy and Carod have created a very enjoyable mystery novel with vibrant characters that play off each other in extreme circumstances. The plot and character twists and developments had me ruminating in the days after finishing it. Misadventures Memoirs: Little Girl Scream is a thrilling murder mystery that is deeply intriguing and effortlessly spellbinding.

Pages: 419 | ASIN: B08QZ8C6N3

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Left for Death: A Noir Detective Novella – Book Trailer

Seattle Police Detective John Sandes is involved in one of the toughest cases in his career. What starts out to be a routine homicide case turns out to be much more. He constantly struggles with past mistakes in his personal life and that drives him to solve this case. At sixty-five, fighting physical health problems and emotional distress from his past, he knows his career days are numbered.

Sandes receives a missing person report for Leo Johnson. He finds Johnson dead in the bathtub from a gunshot wound to the head. While investigating the scene, Sandes discovers a photo of an eleven-year-old girl on Johnson’s bed. Sandes’ investigation finds him butting heads with a child sex trafficking ring. Sandes knows it is his very last case and that he must do whatever it takes to solve it before his retirement which is soon approaching.

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The Circle (The Circle Series)

The Circle (The Circle Series) by [Stephen Galgon]

The Circle, by Stephen J Galgon is a gripping crime thriller set in New York. The story is divided into three parts and tells the story of two friends: Doug, a museum tour guide, and best friend Eric Matthews, a high-flying New York attorney. The two friends become involved with a secret organization known as The Circle which was founded by wealthy men decades ago. Members meet secretly, in the back of a bar in New York, which they refer to as a safe house. The story follows the two men’s journey into this secret underworld, where they try to figure out who is the predator and who is the prey.

The Circle is told in three parts, giving a clear structure to the novel, each one ending naturally as one of the character’s actions comes to an end or conclusion. Although the story is told from varying character’s perspectives, it is easy for the reader to follow. The Circle is fast paced, with plenty of twists and turns, however this structure ensures it is easy to follow from beginning to end.

The Circle focuses on the journey of two friends, as the story progresses more intriguing characters are introduced. Doug and Eric are both well developed character that felt grounded and authentic. Having been friends since childhood, they travel together from the small town of Grover to the big city to begin their working careers. Although they have very different personalities their friendship is strong. Their differences are highlighted by their differing vocabulary choices, descriptions of their appearance and interests, vocations and the choices they make.

The Circle is a fast-paced murder mystery that has a consistently eerie ambiance to the scenes and setting due to the vivid descriptions. The characters, while not all as compelling as the main characters, served to either bring more layers out of the protagonists, or move the plot along. And the plot, in general, is very fast, or at least if feels that way, possibly due to the various unexpected twists throughout the novel. I simply gave up trying to guess what was going to happen next.

The mystery at the heart of this novel is provocative and gruesomely creative. With an edgy but imaginative style that will pique the interest of any crime fiction fan. The Circle is an engrossing thriller that gets more intriguing the deeper we get into this dramatic mystery.

Pages: 428 | ASIN: B07YHC79DG

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Liz, the Neighbour: Liz Knight Trilogy #2

Liz, the Neighbour: Liz Knight Trilogy #2 by [Hea Sook Jung]

Liz The Neighbor is a thrilling mystery novel written by author Hea Sook Jung. The story revolves around the mystery at a sketchy retirement facility where healthy seniors seemed to be dying of heart attacks. Agnes and Birdie are two elderly best friends who managed to escape the home and go into hiding, until Agnes´s nephew hired two private detectives to find his missing aunt. Liz and Ella were two young private detectives starting their first case in their recently opened Investigation agency, when they were hired to find retirement home escapee Agnes and safely return her to her family. They expected an easy case to solve, little did the detectives know that what they originally thought was an old woman with dementia was actually a sane person in grave danger, escaping from people who meant her harm. The two detectives will find themselves dealing with serial killers, cold blooded murders, evil corporations, and terrified elders. Will they manage to find the complicated truth and uncover the mystery? or will they fall victim to the people who will do anything to keep the evil plot a secret?

Liz the Neighbor is a riveting novel that is consistently suspenseful. The story follows multiple points of view including those of the serial killer villain of the book. This makes for a very interesting read as it gives the reader a different perspective on each character and the story as a whole. The characters are pretty convincing and each has a personality written in a way that is distinguishable from the others, which is very important in a novel with multiple perspectives. However, while the story and characters are very well written, I felt that the dialogue was unrealistic at times. This is still a very good book, with an incredibly original and intriguing storyline.

Liz The Neighbor will appeal to mystery fans looking for a fun crime fiction story. There are plenty of twists to keep readers entertained and lots of interesting characters to keep readers wondering what, or who, will pop up next.

Pages: 485 | ASIN: B08YYF8SNC

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My Key Fits Every Door: If the Key Fits…

Private investigator Mark Taylor receives a call from the manager of a pricey Hollywood hotel offering him a job. That phone call throws him into a swirling murder case with many knots and angles as Taylor is asked to find the murderer of one of the hotel’s residents. His task becomes even more complicated as someone tries to frame him for the deaths of two hotel staff linked to the case. As the P.I. works his way through the layers of the case and finds that his own life is also in danger. Several suspects pop up, including the elegant Meredith Morgan who has Taylor’s heart in her palms, the shady Hymie Hillman, a Hollywood actor and even the hotel manager. With seemingly unrelated fragments of clues lying around, Taylor must piece them together and find the killer before someone else dies.

Author Dennis Louis Dyer’s My Key Fits Every Door delivers a riveting mystery novel dripping with cunning and humor. Dennis Dyer finds the right balance between exciting and puzzling. He pulls this off by telling his story with lighthearted and free-flowing language.

Dyer’s writing style gives the book a distinct but appealing feel. He uses shocking comparisons and metaphors that were consistently creative and intriguing. They are novel enough to interest you but include familiar elements that won’t have you scratching your head. Some will stop you in your tracks and make you smile. Others will make you throw your head back in laughter.

The author also knows how to inject witty personality into his characters that lends the story some authenticity. The main character for example is a smug, good-looking, eccentric detective who has a way with ladies. He’s the kind of man that would zig when you expect him to zag.

Readers are sent on, what feels like, a wild goose chase as the author expertly opens up many plausible channels and leaves you wondering which one leads to the answers we seek. It’s multi-layered crime fiction story that kept me guessing.

My Key Fits Every Door is an intellectually invigorating whodunit story with ever compelling characters, a mystery that is messy but coherent, and a satisfying ending. Fans of crime or mystery fiction will find plenty to enjoy in Dennis Louis Dyer’s riveting murder mystery.

Pages: 214 | ISBN: 1977239978

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How Criminals Think

Malcolm Tanner
Malcolm Tanner Author Interview

Drowning My Suspicions follows two friends who investigate the death of their friend and find that it might not have been an accident and the killer may be lurking. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I am an avid watcher of detective and investigative stories. I have always wondered how criminals think and how they act when greed and power take over in a person’s mind and nothing will stand in their way. I try to look at the motivation that drives them and incorporate that into the story.

The characters in your story are interesting and well developed. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

The characters in the book are developed behind the ideals of wanting to find justice, character flaws that they try to correct, and from background, whether it be home life or friend’s influences. I think it is important to see each character from the events in their lives that shaped them and formed them. I also shoot for a blend of what I know about real people and what I would like my readers to see in these characters. The blend of those two things are important when I am bringing those characters to life.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Some themes that were important were justice, the frailty of the human mind, relationships and the outcomes when they turn bad. People can become very selfish and cold hearted. When opportunity becomes a series of sordid events to make that opportunity a reality for a person, their mind is clouded and judgment is affected. They get trapped and instead of doing the right thing, they are caught up into making one mistake after another until the climax builds a situation that becomes desperate. People are affected psychologically by the things that happen in their life, both the good and the bad. I want my readers to seriously consider that in their own lives when it comes to understanding others.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The next book will be the fourth in the Mike Parsons series, “Mirror Image”. I have three previous books in this series that you can find here at the following link: The Mike Parsons Trilogy (3 book series) Kindle Edition ( The book will be available sometime in the late fall of 2021.

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Meet Braden McDermott, former college football star, professional football announcer, and… ex-boyfriend.

Braden lands the job of his dreams and he leaves his girlfriend Arial behind to accept the position. Once he starts his new career, but realizing he’s still hung up on Arial, he wants to go back to her. However, his agent Tyler, and Braden’s best friend investigative reporter Larry, try to convince him to forget about Arial and move on, but when Braden falls ill he has to make a decision on what to do with his life.

Arial Kramer is furious when Braden dumps her for a ‘job’. She vows never to depend on a man again and makes the decision to use men to get what she wants. Power, money and fame. Then, at an inopportune time, she gets a call informing her he’s sick and wants to get their relationship on track again. Braden admits he made a mistake and she reluctantly takes him back. She wonders if he will find out she is involved with some seedy characters in a fraud scheme.

When Braden meets an untimely demise and his friends, Larry and Tyler start to investigate what really happened that night at Arial’s place. Was it an accident or was it murder? Who could have done what to their friend?

In this thriller filled with greed, lust, money and power, Larry and Tyler set out to find the truth and ensure that justice for their friend, Braden McDermott is served.
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