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My Sister Wants an Elephant

My Sister Wants an Elephant follows two siblings who fall in love with animals. Randy adores llamas, especially a soft and gentle one named Timba, and young Jerica adores elephants. They beg and plead with their mother to get them these animals as pets, but there is just no room for them. The siblings prepare their best pout and get ready for one last attempt to convince their mother, but just then their mom comes up with a compromise.

This is a humorous and educational children’s book that follows two kids who are persistent and follow their dreams. This book does a fantastic job of showing how, when you are passionate about something, you have to come up with a plan to accomplish your goals. Randy is a lively character and the story is told from his point of view. This adds a relatable angle to the book as most kids will be able to relate to his thoughts and will find his reactions entertaining.

I thought this story was going to end with the children getting their animals. Well, they do, but not in the way that I expected, and it was fantastic. Their mother comes up with a crafty compromise that fulfills all their needs. It was surprising but sensible, and I think this is an important lesson to teach children; to come up with sensible solutions to problems.

My Sister Wants an Elephant tells a true story in a way that is a bit whimsical and fun but still conveys a useful message to young readers. This is perfect for readers in kindergarten through third grade as the words are easy to read. Elementary school children will love reading this down-to-earth and charming picture book.

Pages: 35 | ASIN: B0BR4J4S1H

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