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Blink, Blink, Blink in Sync: Silent Fireworks

A little girl goes on an adventure with her parents but finds the wait long and tedious. She gets antsy waiting in line and having to use her inside voice even though they are outside. Soon it starts getting dark, and she does not like this one bit. After a few minutes, though, something extraordinary and spectacular starts to happen! Small flashes of light show up. It doesn’t take long before all around there are thousands of lights flashing all together around them. These magical lights are fireflies, a unique firefly species that all light up together.

Blink, Blink, Blink in Sync: Silent Fireworks, written by Sharon CassanoLochman and illustrated by Pearly Lim, is a beautiful picture book that teaches children about fireflies. It is more than just a cute story about a little girl seeing the display of lights. There is an explanation of how fireflies are beetles and how their wings work, information on how many species of fireflies there are, and how only a few can blink in sync like the ones in this story. This educational book continues with a map of where to find fireflies, their lifecycle, and an easy-to-understand explanation of how they blink and light up their lanterns. The end of the book includes how to make your own backyard a friendly place for fireflies.

The illustrations are whimsical and inviting. Lim does a fantastic job capturing the magical feel of the firefly and showing the glow in the darkness as inviting and not something for children to be afraid of. Lim’s detail for the science portion of the book is well done and makes it easy for children to identify the parts of a lightning bug.

As someone that is in awe of these interesting bugs and has watched them for years, I never knew there was a species that would make all light in sync. I found this book as an adult to be highly informative and can see it making a great reading book for elementary students. This is an excellent addition for anyone that loves fireflies and early education science.

Pages: 48 | ASIN : B0B288K9GF

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