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Rescript the Story You’re Telling Yourself

RESCRIPT the Story You're Telling Yourself: The Eight Practices to Quiet Your Inner Antagonist, Amplify Your Inner Advocate, & Author a Limitless Life by [Georges, Colleen]

We can be our own biggest cheerleaders or we can be our own worst critic. This choice determines if you will be held back from progress by the flaws or if you will embrace and move on. Every human being is flawed, once everyone understands that then they can learn to accept and even appreciate their own flaws. This book will help you revamp your life in five steps. First, you will learn to see how you are limiting yourself by building inadequate or untrue narratives. Second, you will shut your inner critique up. Third, you will increase prominence for that inner cheerleader. Fourth, you will refuse to let the past limit the future. Fifth, you will know your own worth.

One thing the reader will notice about Dr. Colleen Georges is that she is intelligent and her writing is simple but brilliantly powerful. One can tell from her perspective of life and how things should be done that her viewpoint is unique and well thought out. The author’s insight into the subject is so vast and substantial. Every point she makes packs a punch. It leaves the person agreeing with everything in the book. There could not have been a better time for this book. In this era of social media and everyone trying to one up the other. There was need for a book that tells people to slow down and just experience their own journey without the pressure of perfectionism.

One of the best parts of the book is the beginning note to the reader. The reader at this point can already feel the kind of impact this book will have on them. It is a well written empowering and powerful poem. Another part that deserves special mention is the chapter on catastrophizing challenges. I can relate to this chapter. Looking at challenges as the end of the road is the reason for so many failures that never should have been. One of the sure ways to succeed in life is to change perspective and attitudes towards challenges.

This is a deeply personal book, but I felt that it lacked deeply personal touch. It would have been nice to have personal stories. Those always bring things into perspectives more than anything for me. I think that personal stories would have created a unique rapport. However, even without those the material works well on its own and is adequately impactful.

RESCRIPT the Story You’re Telling Yourself would make the perfect gift for someone who just left college so they know how to deal with hurdles along the way. Or a person who is losing their confidence. Even for a person who is having a hard time with their performance at work or at school. It is such flexible material. It would appeal to anyone of any age, race or gender. This is a book that everyone needs to read at least twice.

Pages: 312 | ASIN:  B07P8WMWBC

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