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Revelation Through Science

Revelation Through Science by author James Martin explains the connection between science and religion. Using Christian values and spiritual philosophies that are separated into four parts, we explore the relationship between science, religion, and the creation of the world. Martin asks one crucial question: ‘Does science undermine personal faith, or can it reinforce faith?’

The author writes in a conversational tone and presents the information like a teacher would. The author has written his book so that the reader can jump to different chapters without feeling lost. The reader can go back to another chapter to get more information or clarity.

The author does take a deep dive into religion as well as science; however, the use of illustrations and occasional humor keeps the reader engaged. These features provide a wit that is not always present in non-fiction pieces of work and provide a refreshing take on the subject.

I feel that readers with a background in political science theory, Christianity, or evolution may understand these concepts easier than those just starting to explore this area of study. Martin effortlessly weaves the two subjects together throughout his enlightening book, providing a good balance of information.

The author touches upon many topics in science, from astronomy and biology to physics but not in a way that should be intimidating. Instead, he offers explanations in a manner that non-scientists can understand. In addition, Martin provides evidence of topics that he touches upon in his book, which are relevant to his theories. I also appreciated that the author is not out to convince you to be religious. But instead, he inspires readers to question both science and religion.

Revelation Through Science is an intellectually stimulating read that will get you thinking about your world. This book is a must-read for those fascinated by science and religion and those who question how the two relate.  

Pages: 415 | ASIN : B0793PGV2C

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