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Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life

Evolution theories have always sparked unending debates. Human beings have different beliefs about how life was created and how we have developed. In Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life, author Daniel G. Vintner compares old and new evolution theories, alternative theories, and everything in between. Daniel G. Vintner starts by discussing Darwin and his original theory of evolution. As you keep reading, the author gets to more complex topics like how accurate the theory is and how Darwin came to his conclusions. The concepts may appear a bit puzzling for starters, but one soon catches up thanks to the author’s brilliant way of breaking down his points.

Following the author as he expounds on the theory of evolution over the centuries, was exciting. I like that Vintner is detailed and diverse in his discussions. The author combs through more than a dozen theories and explains the hard stuff to the reader’s satisfaction. Daniel G. Vintner may be a bit radical, but I like the author’s attitude and firm stand on his philosophies and views.

Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life is a great read, not just because of how thorough the author is but also because of how convincing he is. He quotes renowned icons and supports his findings with facts and research. Reading this book made me elated and increased my curiosity about evolution. After reading this book, you will question life and concentrate on the creation story and the origin of species.

This informative book may have been about Darwin and the theory of life, but at no point was it monotonous. Daniel G. Vintner knows how to blend the various sub-topics and how to introduce a new topic even while still discussing the main subject. I enjoyed his personal tales of being a programmer. Learning about the various historical figures and their theories was eye-opening and exciting. I learned more about evolution and got to understand why some problems of evolution not solved by Darwin still have no answers even with the modern advancement.

This book is not for the close-minded; some views by the author may seem extreme, but that only improves the reading experience. The author is an excellent narrator and an even better interpreter. His strength in convincing skeptics to subscribe to specific theories and beliefs is admirable. The technical terminology was easy to understand as the author gives a clear definition and extra description when introducing complex terms. Some topics that were most touched on were Genesis of Genetics, Mutating Randomness, and the Story of Creation. The author leaves readers with an understanding that nature is a bit more complex than we may think and that most things do not happen by chance.

Pages: 276 | ASIN : B0B29G9CY9

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Revelation Through Science

Revelation Through Science by author James Martin explains the connection between science and religion. Using Christian values and spiritual philosophies that are separated into four parts, we explore the relationship between science, religion, and the creation of the world. Martin asks one crucial question: ‘Does science undermine personal faith, or can it reinforce faith?’

The author writes in a conversational tone and presents the information like a teacher would. The author has written his book so that the reader can jump to different chapters without feeling lost. The reader can go back to another chapter to get more information or clarity.

The author does take a deep dive into religion as well as science; however, the use of illustrations and occasional humor keeps the reader engaged. These features provide a wit that is not always present in non-fiction pieces of work and provide a refreshing take on the subject.

I feel that readers with a background in political science theory, Christianity, or evolution may understand these concepts easier than those just starting to explore this area of study. Martin effortlessly weaves the two subjects together throughout his enlightening book, providing a good balance of information.

The author touches upon many topics in science, from astronomy and biology to physics but not in a way that should be intimidating. Instead, he offers explanations in a manner that non-scientists can understand. In addition, Martin provides evidence of topics that he touches upon in his book, which are relevant to his theories. I also appreciated that the author is not out to convince you to be religious. But instead, he inspires readers to question both science and religion.

Revelation Through Science is an intellectually stimulating read that will get you thinking about your world. This book is a must-read for those fascinated by science and religion and those who question how the two relate.  

Pages: 415 | ASIN : B0793PGV2C

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