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Seventh Journey

James has no memory of who he is or where he came from. He was found unconscious in a steaming crater in the frozen North, and it’s only thanks to the kindness of the local man who found him that he is still alive. As James begins to find out more about his past and about the strange, cruel world around him, he realizes that he’s far from the average person and that the fate of not just the Earth but of all the planets and dimensions in existence rests on his shoulders.

The strongest aspect of Seventh Journey Book 2 by Robert J. R. Graham is the plot, which is gripping and fast-paced. Each scene leaves the reader hungry to find out what happens next. There is danger around every corner, with weird and terrifying creatures such as a gigantic and deadly scorpions threatening the protagonists. Graham provides a detailed and intriguing settings for his electrifying novel that showcases his imagination. The story takes place in multiple dimensions, each one different from the last, alternating between being beautiful or terrifying. The way in which the dimensions connect and how they affect each other is one of the most interesting aspects of the book.

Some readers might find the explanations for certain plot points such as multiple dimensions and reincarnation to be complex, but overall the book isn’t weighed down by too much scientific info-dumping. The central plot remained coherent and gripping. While this book presents many intriguing ideas and fascinating settings, the dialogue occasionally comes off stilted, and the story could benefit from more colorful language that compliments the dramatic scenery and thrilling plot. Jacob is an intriguing character and his relationship with Tamara was something I wanted to see explored a little further, as well as Jacob’s interactions with the other characters.

Despite these minor things, Seventh Journey Book 2 is still and immensely enjoyable read. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking novel with an interesting plot featuring fantastical creatures, imaginative sci-fi settings, and nail-biting suspense, then you’ll find plenty in Seventh Journey Book 2.

Pages: 230 | ASIN: B0792HGC35

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